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We’ve incorporated the relevant concepts from the GDPR including joining the EU and Swiss Privacy Shield framework. We’ve added explanations for why and how Tripwire processes customer data and the types of data that we process, as well as information about your data protection rights.

For more information about our privacy practices, please review the new Privacy Policy found here:
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So people get the idea, some examples that would be considered offensive, numbered as above:
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  3. This one should be pretty obvious...
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What Potential QoL changes interest you most?

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    Originally posted by Yoshiro View Post

    The timing should be set to when the magazine enters the weapon and is ready to fire for when a gun is reloaded in code. The extra animation is there to make it look more fluid. If you find any of those timings are off, let me know and I"ll have the team look into them.
    Actually, yeah that does make sense now that I think about it. Keep it the way it is, but it would be cool if reloads had stages that it would return to if canceled (magazine out, new magazine in, pressing bolt catch). That's probably a lot of work though. Or just having more unique animations for the MP40/M16/Grease/Mat-49 since they look so similar.

    Forget what I said about reload cancelling. Sorry about that.


    • #17
      I am both a server admin and community admin. I believe that a community and server admin can look at a wider perspective in the game than normal gamers. And after collecting opinion from our community, here is the important features I would like Rising Storm 2 to improve:

      Before I start, here is the 2 crucial thing I must mention:
      a) Adding M16 to Early War US will surely make campaign more stacked up to the South. Please remove M16 for USA Army unless you add AK to NLF in early war
      b) I see you would like to achieve balance in campaign. I have done several tweaks in my servers since campaign roll out to try to achieve the same thing. I would say I am always willing to offer you help in testing out balance in the game.

      1. Campaign balance (endless complaints from players): Campaign is very unbalance and give huge advantage to the South, causing the problem of stacking up in the South. Early War NLF is too weak and easily beaten up by the South, which is slightly/ not nerf in early war. To make things worse, the North can only defend as NLF throughout the campaign. I observed numerous campaign matches and NLF lose terribly in the Early war. Besides, Search and Destroy is overpowered in campaign. Players also complain removing combat helicopter for late war.

      Suggestions: I have seen you try to add MAS49 in for NLF in1.3, but that is not enough. AND in 1.3 US ARMY HAVE M16 will mean disaster for NLF. My suggestion is to alow PAVN to defend all territories, especially in early war and their base in Pleiku/ Buff NLF in early war. Nerf Search and Destroy so it will not turn the enemy territory to neutral, and only effective in neutral objective. Add combat pilot in late war (ARVN can only use gunship).

      2. Bug fixes: There are many bugs in the game which should be address as soon as possible, since it is affecting the game play. This include 255 bug in campaign, 2 squad bug in campaign, deployable Dshk in front of objectives in campaign maps bug, gun bugs, players suddenly move very slow bug, can't call support bug, pilot role kick bug,etc. I hope you would look through the bug report and fix the crucial bugs. Players still have difficulties in launching the game and bugsplat til now.
      Also players report unable to kick spectators in the server

      3. Campaign loadouts adjustment
      NLF/ PAVN Pointman is very weak since they only have shotgun and MAT49. This discourage people to choose that fraction, which ultimately discourage them to throw smoke. My suggestion is adding K-50M, a largely used PAVN weapon for PAVN and NLF.

      4. Hit damage
      A lot of players complain "why I hit that guy a lot of times and he doesn't die", "hitreg problem","headshot but still survive!". It turns out the the hitreg is not the reason but the hit damage. Often I find myself suffer from multiple leg/arm shots without even bandaging. It maybe true that few shot on the arm/leg can't instantly kill a person, but what we should be referring is how many shot to incapacitate the enemy, not how many shot to kill an enemy. I am quite sure 2-3 rifle round on your arm/leg you can't even run and hold a gun to kill your enemy accurately. Also, I find out more often player survive from head-shots after 1.10 update is out, even without a helmet.
      Suggestion: Fix the damage model by increasing the bullet damage depending on bullet size on hand and leg. Unless you are using a pellet gun, 2-3 shots should be enough to incapacitate an enemy. Force player to bandage if they got an arm/leg shot. Head-shots should always be one shot kill.

      5. Customization
      - Improved Inventory Keybinds
      providing opinion to toggle on/off old keyset for playing since beginning of the game
      - Disable Weapon Pickup Highlights
      - providing opinion to toggle on/off Persistent Weapon Preferences / configuration they were in when players previously equipped them. Items like semi-automatic fire, sight ranging, bipod deployment

      I really hope you can fix the bugs and improve the current game first before making new content for the game. I hope you would consider the advises from the majority in the game community, not just from the individuals.
      One of the dedicated player in the Rising Storm 2 Community
      Southeast Asia Community Administrator


      • #18
        Originally posted by Nunk View Post

        Actually, yeah that does make sense now that I think about it. Keep it the way it is, but it would be cool if reloads had stages that it would return to if canceled (magazine out, new magazine in, pressing bolt catch). That's probably a lot of work though. Or just having more unique animations for the MP40/M16/Grease/Mat-49 since they look so similar.

        Forget what I said about reload cancelling. Sorry about that.
        This would require a whole new animation system and every weapon animation to be redone. It is something we have in mind for future Tripwire titles, but highly unlikely for current ones.
        Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


        • #19
          So here is some feedback I managed to collect with the Russian community. Some of this is larger than QoL, but maybe you will consider this in future full-scale updates. Suggestions are listed in random order, not in terms of importance.
          1. Change wounds system, so wounds would affect your characteristics permanently. E.g. you have bandaged arms – reduce steady aim time slightly or if wounded in legs, after bandaging, slightly reduce running speed. It would make current system less arcade as current bandaging looks like BF, when you restore HP with medkit.
          2. Currently if you are defender and placing the tunnel and during this point is capped, your tunnel will be placed and will be destroyed immediately and you get cooldown. Don’t apply tunnel placing cooldown if it was placed and automatically destroyed within couple of minutes after point fall.
          3. Add ability to paint weapons with camouflage paint or use canvas cover for snipers
          4. Ability to blind fire from covers like in RO2
          5. Let sapper and engineers build sandbags.
          6. Add more variety of the map objectives – not just capzones, but some objects for demolition, so you would enforce engineer role. See Rakowice from Ostfront as an example – you could destroy AA guns and ammo bunker there.
          7. Ability for North to choose type of traps during the match.
          8. Ability to trade secondary weapon or part of bullets for 1 extra grenade and vise versa.
          9. Hand helmet customization with preset elements (probably mix of the existing helmet art).
          10. Improve player interaction with terrain bumps when ctawling. Currently even the small bump or stone could stop you from crawling, so you should make that your character crawls over it smoothly.
          11. Ability to turn head while still running Arma style.
          12. Create party/lobby with friends in the main menu so you can join the same serve simultaneously and be put to the same team.
          13. Make that all squad members spawn on the same spot during the map start. Currently they are randomly placed over the whole map.
          14. Customize HUD elements displayed in tactical and non-tactical view. Ability to change color or size or position of the certain elements. Many requested the ability to move gun fire selector to the more remarkable place and make it more bright.
          15. Weapon selection menu should display gun characteristics with attached bayonet and folded/unfolded stock.
          16. Make more variants of leaf camo for North. Leaf camo should affect the ability of being spotted by recon plane – e.g. don’t display the exact position or display it for a much shorter period of time (on jungle maps).
          17. Ability to watercool MGs in the rivers if overheat.
          18. Restrict ADS fire for belt fed MGs – allow only brace/hipfire like in RO. Only box/drum fed MGs should be allowed to ADS.
          19. Special icon for DSHK if spotted by Loach/Recon plane.
          20. Add DSHK spawn on the last point on Resort.
          21. Claymore tripwire for South on all defensive maps.
          22. Display tattoos on character’s hands in first person.
          23. Ability to place claymore on windowsill/top of sandbag without exposing yourself and looking directly at placing point.
          24. Make backpacks customization option and add ability to remove them. To make this balanced you could go further and give more ammo for the guys who have backpacks.
          25. Add more pop up windows with hints in campaign modes explaining what exact weapon/vehicle models are available in early/mid/late war or what is changing during the course of the campaign.
          26. Ability to customize level of dirt on your character.
          27. Add ability to change background in customization menu (choose jungle/grass, urban area, ricefield etc) so you could better understand what type of camouflage better suits map you play.
          28. Add more information to the map voting menu – add map card with map details, explaining what type of map it is, weather conditions, time of say, availability of vehicles etc). So you wont be voting blindly for the maps you don’t know.
          29. Add Huey gunships for early war in campaign - 2 variants with minguns and with unguided missles.
          30. Helicopter nose art customization
          Last edited by Brembo; 03-09-2019, 07:15 AM.


          • #20
            Thank you all for the input. I'll be sharing this with the team as they solidify their potential 1.4 update plans.
            Pretty, what do we blow up first? - Myn Donos


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              Give the NLF Scouts grenades when attacking instead of Tripwire Traps.
              The PAVN Scouts already have that so I don't see why the NLF Scouts shouldn't get it. Or maybe give 'em Molotovs, I'd be happy with that too.


              • #22
                1. Team balance / Autobalance / Team size hard cap
                Teams won't stay balanced as autobalance doesn't function as it should (auto balance teams on death). Also team size can grow bigger than 32. There should be a hard cap at 32 which over it couldn't go. Teams can be for example 40v16 if the other team is quitting midgame and autobalance doesn't keep the balance.

                2. TL radio bug
                When your radioman dies during a call out period, before the call out has finished, as a TL you cannot use radio anymore. You need to change the class, spawn with it, then die again and change back to TL to get the radio functioning.

                3. All the little bugs in WebAdmin in general
                Bug Thread

                Bonus QoL improving admin actions:
                (Originally posted 2017)
                "Now with the upcoming feature in 1.02 that you can mute someone directly from a scoreboard, would it be possible to add admin options to the scoreboard the same way? So that I wouldn't have to open WebAdmin everytime while playing but instead when I log in admin in-game, I could get the same features to be done through the scoreboard directly (kick/session ban/ban/role kick/mute/track a player/make a member)."
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                  1. Increase Claymore clackers detonation range to the one C4 clackers have or maybe even more, please. Claymore mines are incredibly frustrating to use right now, I've been killed so many times by enemy grenades or small-arms fire while waiting for VCs to appear near the spots where I placed my Claymores.

                  2. Make that "Quick Match" screen you added to the server browser with ARVN update optional. The last thing I want is to load an unknown server and to get greeted by "MEGA server" logo and antivirus notifications at the same time. I need to know what I'm about to load, I don't want any surprises. That "addition" was completely unnecessary and just clutters the menu, I used it only once after that update was released and now I just go straight to server browser while wasting several seconds to get past "Quick Match" screen.

                  3. Add an option to block servers from appearing in the server list. That cursed MEGA server surfaced again last week and I was afraid to accidentally load it and to get promoted to level 99 without my consent and receive several trojans as a "gift".
                  Last edited by Arbeiter1980; 03-18-2019, 10:59 AM. Reason: update


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                    1. Give the southern commander back his ability to select the direction of the Napalm / Canberra strike.

                    2. Fix the northern squad leader bug where he builds his tunnel and it just disappears. This is so frustrating!

                    3. Fix the northern sapper bug where he tries to place a mine and fails. This is so frustrating!


                    • #25
                      1. The ability to hide Servers. i.e the Mega Severs.

                      2. Make Claymore's more functional by adding a Trip Flare (M49A1) which can be planted next to them. Then when you see or hear the Trip Flare activated you can detonate your Claymore and have a good chance of killing someone.

                      Here's a video illustrating this:


                      3. Team Balancing. If for instance one team is getting trounced, swap one of the best ranked players to the losing team.

                      4. Add knives, so when in tunnels the Southern forces have at least some way of defending themselves if they don't have a sidearm.

                      Add Green scrim bands to US Army helmets!


                      • #26
                        A few suggestions here:

                        Optional 'Reloading incomplete' message:
                        This was a worse problem some patches back, but still annoys from time to time.

                        Basically, for weapons with longer reload animations, you can interrupt the animation at a point where it (visually) seems to have completed, but the animation has not actually finished. When you cycle back to the weapon, it is still totally empty - a problem if you've suddenly got someone else sticking a gun in your face.

                        What I would like is the option to have a text prompt show up if you have cancelled out of a reloading animation before the weapon is registered as reloaded, so that players can know if a weapon is empty, even if it looks like the reloading animation finished.

                        More consistent RPG behavior:
                        RPG explosions don't behave consistently; they can penetrate concrete, but a few inches of dirt can stop a blast dead in it's tracks. RPGs are much less useful in 'countryside' maps like Hill 937, than they are in cities, because the rockets deal damage much less consistently in uneven terrain (e.g. crater rims), than they do in the right-angles of city buildings.

                        Better grenade handling:
                        Two issues here:

                        1) It always takes an very long time to throw grenade, much longer than the action would probably take in real life. By the time the grenade goes out, you are frequently either dead, or the situation has changed.

                        I realize that this is a tough balance issue, and I don't have a ready answer for this one. I think that the grenade throw animation should be shorter, but potentially, this could be offset with a delay in switching to / taking out the grenade (e.g. as the solder hunts around his webbing and kit for the weapon).

                        2) It's not always clear where grenades are going to go, or what they will bounce off of, leading to accidental teamkills. A 'ghost-image' of the first few feet of the trajectory, with indication of ricochet, would help to alleviate this.

                        Fix Text Chat on the Campaign screen:
                        Sometimes, text chat seizes up on the Campaign screen, leaving individual players unable to send messages. This is problematic if you need to, say, warn your teammates against attacking Saigon / Pleiku with low CP, etc.

                        A better, more feature-rich firing range and helicopter practice range:
                        The firing range is very bare-bones, and it is tiresome to change weapons or get different loadouts. Also, the target setup does not allow for anything other than the simplest of testing with the various weapons available.

                        A more fully-featured firing range would be nice. I am thinking of something like the firing range from Perfect Dark (Rare, 2000), where there are different target configurations for different types of weapons, or even mini-challenges that test player skill. This would give novice players more opportunity and more inducement to refine their skills prior to plunging into the main game.

                        Ditto for the helicopter range. More options and more help - especially for practicing landings - would be useful for allowing players to learn flight skills.


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                          would be hard to implement an option that won't show other people cosmetic so that all would look vanilla like?


                          • #28
                            I need to change my answer to:

                            1) Make it possible to disable the "Team switch allowed in ..." feature. It doesn't really work like it should.

                            2) Fix the "region suddenly receives 255 points" bug in the campaign view.


                            • #29
                              I'd like to see Satchel charges and pole mines (bunch of chi-com grenades tied to the end of a pole) for the Sapper class, especially for when they're attacking.



                              • #30
                                Refined DSHK despawning logic

                                Currently when a map has combat zones moving up as the attackers move thru the map, the HMG spawns tend to follow them - however, if you're manning a Dushka from a previous spawnpoint and it moves up to a new one closer to the new frontline (Lolo or TE-SongBe ie), it deletes the already set-up Dushka and kills you if you're manning it, effectively destroying your set-up and probably effective AA position for no reason and giving enemy choppers free reign until you manage to push up to the new HMG spawn which is generally in a zone that is contestable or still occupied by stragglers which further delays establishing a new AA position.

                                I'd like to see the HMGs from the old spawn only despawn and move up if they've been unoccupied for like 1.5 or 2 mins or destroyed, of course. If it's in a player's inventory or he's manning it, it should not just disappear and take a team's AA coverage with it.
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