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As part of this, at some point in the near future these forums will be locked down so we cant merge over all of the existing content into the new forum database. It will likely then be a few more days as we work on the new forum and correct any issues from the merge.
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We’ve incorporated the relevant concepts from the GDPR including joining the EU and Swiss Privacy Shield framework. We’ve added explanations for why and how Tripwire processes customer data and the types of data that we process, as well as information about your data protection rights.

For more information about our privacy practices, please review the new Privacy Policy found here:
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So people get the idea, some examples that would be considered offensive, numbered as above:
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  3. This one should be pretty obvious...
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Immersion Overhaul Mutator Information

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  • dibbler67
    started a topic Immersion Overhaul Mutator Information

    Immersion Overhaul Mutator Information

    [[| Immersion Overhaul Mutator v1.15 Beta 1.2 |]]
    Written by dibbler67, not including "Better Realism" by Panzer Jager '43

    No more config editing!
    You only have to download the archive and unzip it to "..\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2\ROGame".

    Check out our ModDB page!

    LATEST VERSION (v1.15 Beta 1.2)

    UPDATED 2/06/2016

    Steam Group:


    CHANGES IN v1.15 Beta 1.2


    To install, place the extracted ROGame directory in C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\My Games\RedOrchestra2 and merge and overwrite all files. Since this is a brewed build, the client files are the server files.

    To install:

    Everything in
    \MUTATOR RELEASE v1.11\ROGame\Published\CookedPC\
    goes in:

    Stuff in
    \MUTATOR RELEASE v1.11\ROGame\Config
    goes in:

    Stuff in
    \MUTATOR RELEASE v1.11\ROGame\Localization
    goes in:


    Contains content produced or provided by:

    aaz - 3D Modeling and Animation
    RandomPerson78642 - Code
    JellonaVesa - 3D Modeling and 2D Art
    eremin - 3D Modeling
    Nika Ilyin - Research
    ???????_?????? - Research
    Sgt. Nightfire - sounds
    Kleist - 2D Art and sheer dedication
    Howitzer114 - sounds
    Panzer Jager '43 - Better Realism Mutator
    Moskeeto - Skins, skins, skins, skins, sounds
    Kaminski - Waffen SS models
    Warishell - Waffen SS model rigging and packaging
    The_pacific - sounds
    TheSynchronizer - decals
    PsychoPigeon - sounds
    McGunn3r - sounds
    N1H1L1573 - sounds
    Cannonball - 2D Art

    Thanks you guys!

    If I've forgotten you, I'm very sorry! Let me know and I'll update this immediately. I hope you understand how difficult it is to keep track of all of this

    Also a big thank you to everyone who has provided me with feedback for this mod, and those who hosted it on their server! I'll attempt to list you and thank you personally later, but I have to get back to work right now


    Better Realism Mod: Panzer Jager '43's Better Realism Mod:

    NoZoom: You may now disable all zoom in the configuration menu! You may disable just IS zoom or just Shift zoom if you care to, too

    Shrapnel effects for explosives: antipersonnel explosives (artillery, grenades) produce deadly shrapnel that you can hear

    Bullet whips: conditionally play bullet cracks based on estimated speed at point of closest contact

    Replaced Arty Sounds: Almost every arty sound has been changed. Artillery is somewhat Hollywood, but scary. Mortars are subtle whizzes, if you're close enough to hear one falling you're probably dead. And rockets are screaming banshees.

    Replaced Grenade Sounds: New, with less fall off at distance like all new explosions

    Dynamic Movement Speed: You will slow down running through snow, water, uphill or upstairs, and you will run slightly faster on terrain such as roads. It's a gradual change.

    Skins: Added support for new player models and skins! Will eventually be configurable serverside and hopefully by map.

    Decals: Decals spawn on helmets! Only in RS at the moment, due to a bug.

    Blood Effects: Spurting blood for neck shots that also trails on the ground.

    Shoot off helmets: Chance for helmets (only helmets) to be blown off by gunshots or explosions (RO2 only)

    "Cinematic" death effects: Screen and audio fade. Headshots result in muted audio

    Location specific death sounds: horrible gurgling and screaming and quiet headshot deaths

    Modified running, footstep, and ladder climbing sounds

    Resupply mg sound is back

    Shooting screaming dead people in the head will silence them ... but only if you are playing online

    New weapons: PPD-40, RG-42, RGD-33, M38 Carbine, DT LMG, Molotov Cocktail, K98k Zielsechs. Removed bayonet from MN9130 PEM.

    See your own shadow, with weapons!

    Probably more: ...that I've forgotten


    When loading a Workshop map in game, click the mutator tab and select the Immersion Overhaul Mutator. That's it!


    Note: Fix pending means I have solved the issue on my end but have not yet updated the mod.

    Fixed:Using Localized voices will usually cause the game to hang / crash at the role selection screen. Until this is confirmed I recommend using native voices.

    Fixed: Dropping or being killed with the MN9130 PEM will crash online servers

    Fixed: Infinite explosive rounds

    Fixed: Misaligned ZF 39 reticle

    Fix pending: Broken Zeltbahn and Cape textures

    Crash: Random simultaneous client-side crashing when on a map with halftracks.

    Will update with more!
    Last edited by dibbler67; 04-05-2016, 08:40 PM. Reason: Updates

  • Kar_98K
    aaz777 Could I have your permission to upload IOM to steam. I enjoyed playing it a lot and I feel putting it of the Workshop would also possibly get a few players to get back into the mod, and of course I will give full credit to you and your team.

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  • Sgt.NightFire
    I was hoping that Heroes Of The West would adopt some stuff, like the weapon mechanics.

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  • NorthDumpling
    Yeah its really a shame IOM died, I had good times enjoying it with others. Tho I hope some of the stuff you gave permission to use will appear in WW2 RS2 or at least Aufsmarsch for RS2.

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  • aaz777


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  • aaz777
    Most probably this is my last post on this forum, and quite probably I will now log out and never login again. Because its my last post, I will try to clarify some things I was asked and some others, and I will try to be honest. If I will have to add something I will rather edit this post than making a new one.

    There werent any new versions of IOM since Febraury 2016 and we didnt have any active programmers since this time who could potentially develop a new version of this mod, fix bugs, implement new content, etc… And now RS2 is in beta testing and will be released soon, so its quite obvious now that we definitely wont get any programmer to help with IOM, and version 1.15 beta 1.2 is pretty much the last version of IOM.

    There are several people who asked me if they can use my content that I made for IOM (and not only) and I gave them permission to use it. There are several reasons why I did that, but mostly because they were helping with IOM and/or because their mod idea was similar to IOM. And I dont want anyone to use my content if I didnt give permission to use it. If someone will do this then he will be a content stealer.

    But, there is also another thing. I dont really know if there will be any kind of IOM for RS2 with WW2 ported, and honestly I dont remember if I gave permission to dibbler to use my content in any kind of “RS2 IOM” (may be I did), but in any case, I dont want my content to be used in any “RS2 IOM”. And if I did give permission before, then consider that I changed my decision.

    And if anyone will consider it to be somehow unfair, then let me remind you one very interesting thing. video was uploaded whole 2 years ago. If this video will get deleted, I have downloaded a copy of it.

    Now I want to explain things a bit. Let me start from the beginning.
    You probably know that I am playing RO ostfront since 2009 from my signature. I really loved this game, and when I found that there will be RO2 I was extremely happy, I couldnt wait for it and I bought RO2 in the first day it became available in my country. I expected it to be a real successor, like RO1 but improved, and its needless to say that I was absolutely disappointed. I dont really want to explain here why ro2 is not a successor of ro1, but from the very beginning when I started doing some first models for potential ro2 mods in spring of 2013 (the first thing I started doing was pzb39 actually, this shows how much I was disgusted by the fact that german standart AT weapon is just a soviet one with even better characteristics) and until now, I was always doing things with the intention to help “fixing” the ro2, to get something I actually expected, or at least something similar.

    I was not just doing a random extra content for the game.

    I think I can safely say that since 2013 95% of all time I played in RO2 was IOM or classic mode, basically I never played vanilla (what is called “realism” mode in this game by someone’s terrible mistake) unless I had to test something. I didnt play vanilla for the same reason I didnt play call of duty (that I have on my account), it just wasnt a thing for me. This is not what I wanted to play, this is not what I wanted to mod, this is what absolutely disgusted me. If not the classic mode (that basically was everything I played in ro2 untill IOM v1.1) or any alternative of it, I would probably abandon ro2 in 2013 and I wouldnt even remember about it now. You may ask how could I play IOM/classic only, if there were very large time periods when both of these things were completely abandoned by players – I simply didnt play ro2 at this time. In fact I am not playing RO2 now for almost 10 months except for very few events that had like 10 players.

    I also think that its pretty obvious for everyone that IOM (at least since v1.1) was just a continuation of classic mode, together with some additional content and features.

    This little story should explain why I dont want everyone to just use my content for dragging all IOM weapons to vanilla.
    Because this is not what I created my content for.
    I was making models, animations and textures with intention to make IOM, the form of ro2 that I actually loved and enjoyed playing, better and more popular by attracting more players into it by its exclusive content.

    I did not create content for the vanilla ro2, I do not want to support, to make more popular, to “keep it alive”, to expand the content of the game that absolutely disgusts me, that I absolutely hate. I would prefer if vanilla ro2 had lower popularity and died sooner, because its not a good thing. I would prefer if vanilla ro2 never existed in the first place, because even as a platform for a good mod, the only good thing it could be for me, it failed. I treat vanilla ro2 as a bad game, and I want the same things to happen to it that I want to happen to any other bad game. And vanilla ro2 is not only a bad game, its also a big piece of hypocrisy and lie. This picture should clarify everything

    Now, I guess, some people may ask me - why you don’t want to buy/play/mod/support the RS2 that is “supposedly” better than ro2 and it “supposedly” has all these bad things fixed.

    First of all I really doubt that RS2 will somehow “return to red orchestra roots” or anything like that, even if it will have SOME things fixed/improved. Mostly because TWI literally stated that, its on the picture.

    Second, this is not how things work. RO2 came out in 2011, now its 2017, RS2 is about to come out and its almost 6 years since RO2 release, ~4 years since classic mode implementation and 2,5 years since IOM v1,1 came out.

    Now, it is literally 4 years since I started modeling first things for RO2 because I wanted to make this game better, and all this time I was constantly getting hope that there will be a better version of this game from things like Classic mode, VMT and IOM. And where is everything now, after all these YEARS? Classic mode is not even a half of what it is supposed to be and abandoned since, like, it was implemented. IOM, the logical continuation of classic mode, is abandoned by its main developer and main programmer since at least 2 years ago, with a false claim that “1,15 will be soon”, and nobody worked on it in code or SDK since almost 1 year ago. Everything is abandoned, gigantic amount of time and effort is wasted. And now I am asked if I want to move to RS2 and just continue trying to do something there… I am not going to. For years I was working hard together with other developers and not even a half of things that I was working on were implemented. Many weapon, part of uniform and vehicle (including interior) models are finished or almost finished, just lying around in folders ready to be imported in SDK and coded, many of them are untouched since 2015. They will never be implemented in IOM. Many of these things I didn’t even show you yet, for example the ATO-42 flamethrower for OT-34 tank interior.

    I did not do all that just to get invited in modding of the next game from TWI, which is not even about ww2 eastern front anymore. When I was making things for IOM, I was making them with intention to help to make this mod and help to popularize it. I was not making things with intention to see how development first becomes very slow, then completely stops and mod just dies, and then get invited to mod a completely different game.

    I apologize for some false promises that I have given. For example time ago I claimed that karelian front mod was revived as a part of IOM. Even though I did work on some finnish weapons and made a texture for finnish captured T-34, we never achieved anything, for the same reason IOM itself died – basically because dibbler left and he was never fully replaced.

    I want to thank the server hosters and everyone who I worked with on this mod, especially PanzerJager and RandomPerson78642 because these are those who worked on the code of the mod after dibbler left and without them there would never be any newer versions after v1,14.

    RIP Red Orchestra.
    Last edited by aaz777; 01-17-2017, 08:48 PM.

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  • aaz777
    No programmers, no players coming on events.

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  • skully172
    why did this mod die exactly?

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  • Beskar Mando
    Yeah sorry, I've been quite busy, I do like IOM a lot, especially the new content. Though seriously is too much for me to ask for the allowance of a vanilla version? I'm sure TONS of players would love it.

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  • aaz777
    I want to say one thing about perspectives of development continuation.
    We have a lot of WIP content (and a lot of things we still didnt disclose), some things are literally almost done and just waiting untill programmer will write code for them.
    Also i am going to make models with textures in future (in fact already making), but they wont be done exactly for the IOM. However that doesnt mean they cant be used in this mod, lots of them will totally fit there. Textures are also going to be "a little bit" different from what we have before. And in fact i am going to redo some things we already have.

    The only thing needed to continue this mod development is a programmer. We dont have one, in fact there was no programmer for over half of year (except beskar tryed to fix the grenade blur radius but couldnt finish it).

    So, if there is an interested programmer then he can contact me.

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  • Lemonater47
    Originally posted by aaz777 View Post
    ro2 sound design is good? that must be a joke, what is good in quiet fart sounds played when grenades or artillery shells are exploding?
    RO1 had awesome sounds for explosions with high volume, i played RO1 for over 1000 hours and i never became a "hearless hobo".
    Play something like verdun or day of infamy. That's bad sound design.

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  • Beskar Mando
    I would if I had the time, I do in a way however it is taken up by prior projects which personally hold more value to me. I like IOM a lot, though I do not exactly IOM's sounds. I think I could spare a few hours here and there, however it would not be consistent or efficient.

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  • aaz777
    Originally posted by FishsticksII View Post
    Really sad to see IOM halted. IOM is what RO2 always SHOULD have been. Did you hear that TWI???

    Instead we got a have baked COD arcade game with horrible sound design. IOM laid a foundation down to fix the mess but did anyone care? Nope, it was too late as everyone had already left. It's a damn shame IOM couldn't bring RO1 regulars back.
    I guess the past is the past though. RIP.
    There is still a chance that one interested programmer will appear and development will be continued.

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  • aaz777
    ro2 sound design is good? that must be a joke, what is good in quiet fart sounds played when grenades or artillery shells are exploding?
    RO1 had awesome sounds for explosions with high volume, i played RO1 for over 1000 hours and i never became a "hearless hobo".

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  • FishsticksII
    Originally posted by NorthDumpling View Post
    Also when it comes to sound design, it was layed down very good in RO2, because loud and screaming arty sounds would make you hearless hobo in a week.
    Couldn't disagree with you more. After a 1000 hours of RO2 the audio design (in my opinion) has always come across as poor. Zero pop to grenades, arty, or the report of small arms fire. If fact it always sounded like the audio foundation was more akin to what you'd find in a console game like COD. It's very poor for immersion, but I guess that's why we had IOM.
    Last edited by FishsticksII; 08-12-2016, 10:47 AM.

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