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Faction A vs Faction B: Crowd-Source Brainstorm

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #31
    One challenge is KF2. It would not do for a fraction mode released after KF2 to seem too retrograde compared to advances included in KF2.

    The enduring texture changes
    High FPS weapon animations
    Ragdoll advances (though not the full gore of course - more inspirational).
    General graphical improvements
    More adroit AI (bots)

    To name a few I am aware of.

    I would suggest making a short-list of "must have" code being developed for that game for use in the fraction vrs fraction.

    These are perhaps not the brain-storms you were looking for. But it is what it is .


    • #32
      Rising Storm does not have vehicles. If the Russian team were to use a universal carrier against the Japanese would it work, or is it only for RO2?


      • #33
        Originally posted by i8pptu View Post
        Rising Storm does not have vehicles. If the Russian team were to use a universal carrier against the Japanese would it work, or is it only for RO2?
        In theory it could work, you can start Rising Storm local game with bots, spawn a tank by console and blow it up using a satchel. I didn't tested APCs yet
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        • #34
          Originally posted by jergul View Post
          High FPS weapon animations
          More adroit AI (bots)
          High FPS anims are mostly for Zed time

          I was not aware of any AI tweaks - do you have a link?


          • #35
            Any news on this project?

            Originally posted by PsychoPigeon
            do not suggest $hit you do not know about


            • #36
              Work proceeds


              • #37
                Originally posted by i8pptu View Post
                Rising Storm does not have vehicles. If the Russian team were to use a universal carrier against the Japanese would it work, or is it only for RO2?
                Indeed a Japanese tank would be nice to fight tank battles in the large plains of Manchuria and Mongolia.
                Nonetheless the Japanese have the AT Type (forgot the number), so it just needs a new class like Tankhunter in the Japanese role selection and we are good to go.

                Something that would cost much more effort than Soviets vs Japanese would be adding the Nationalist/Communist Chinese forces fighting the Japanese invaders. It would need new player models, weapons and voices.
                Nonetheless it would be a faction never seen before in any WWII game as the mainstay are Germans, American, British and Soviet, few occasions Japanese. Chinese forces would bring fresh air into the whole scenery. Like I said, it is quite some work to do but I'd be willing to pay for it, just like for Rising Storm.

                Flamethrowers for RO2 would indeed be a nice feature as I recently re-watched the 1993 Stalingrad movie and the Germans used flamethrowers in the sewers.
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                • #38
                  oh man chinese civil war would indeed be a unique scenario!

                  also this:
                  yes you see right my friends... kitty shermans!


                  • #39
                    Well, since this early Alpha of the Heroes of the West has been introduced, I think that Moskeeto and General Shepard are on a good path. But I do know that there's still a lot of work in front of them to make it all operational.

                    As for historical accuracy, there are some things that should be put in, such as:
                    - The M1A1 Thompson, which was the preferred SMG for the U.S. Army forces on the Western Front. Most M1928 Thompsons were sent or issued to British troops fighting in Europe.
                    - If there are gonna be variations of forces fighting in the modification or the stand-alone expansion (such as Rangers, Airborne, Infantry and Armored divisions), then the loadouts would have to be different in terms of weaponry used. The Airborne units used M1A1 Carbine, while the Rangers and other Infantry divisions used the standard M1 Carbine (which already exists in-game).
                    - As for the AT weaponry, there would definitely be proper AT weaponry. That includes the Bazooka, Panzerschrek, Panzerfaust as a possible battle-pickup by the ammo dumps. But the implementation of the Bazooka and the Panzerschrek, in my personal opinion, would require a separate Squad slot. Why? Because most Bazooka units worked in pairs (one shooter and one reloader). Even though the Bazooka and Panzerschrek would be able to fire on their own, I'd rather see that team-work in this, but it would be very hard to implement it into the game itself :/.
                    - Other weapons were used by German forces fighting on the Western front, and Moskeeto needs people to make those guns, such as Gewehr 43 and SturmGewehr 44. Also, the sniper class for the Germans would have to be updated to use the Gewehr 43 Scoped. Some officers carried Lugers and not Walther P38 pistols, so I think that the Luger should find its way here as well. I don't know if MP41 was used at all on the Western front, but if it was, I'd certainly love to see that one as well.
                    - Considering that not everyone used the M3 Grease Gun (it was mostly used in the Pacific Theatre), some units still used it on the Western Front (mostly Airborne units like 82nd and 101st Airborne). I don't know how much of it is true, but here's a link to check it:
                    The M3 Grease Gun would be a nice addition for the American forces, since it has a lower RoF than the M1A1 Thompson and I'd love to hear its sound during various skirmishes .

                    Now, that completes the infantry ideas that I have. Now, onto the vehicles and possible maps and locations.

                    - Certainly ones to be included should be the M4 Sherman and Panzer IV tanks. Just for starters. As for the Panzer IV tanks, I think that Panzer IV Ausf.H would be the model I'd choose for the Western Front.
                    - Transport vehicles: definitely the Sdkfz.251, which is already in the game for the Germans. For the Americans, the standard M3 Halftrack.

                    Locations and possible maps:
                    - Omaha Beach would be the first one, obviously .
                    - I am a fan of the Brothers in Arms games, and there are many locations from that game that could be used as an inspiration for a map. I would definitely love to see the assault on Carentan by Airborne troops. Since Rising Storm was mostly fought on islands, urban maps is sort of a requirement for the Western Front .
                    - One map that revolves around Operation Cobra and the liberation of St. Lo.
                    - Definitely something during winter and Battle of the Bulge. Foy would be a great map for this.

                    Other stuff:
                    - The biggest problem I see, when combining forces such as Americans and Germans, is the issue of proper Artillery strikes. Naval barrage could be used only on the Omaha Beach map and not anywhere else. On other maps, Naval barrage could be switched with a different artillery strike (I'd choose from a variety of options here: M4 Sherman Calliope Rocket Strike, Creeping Barrage or just leave the standard Artillery Strike). As for the Germans, I'd love to hear that Nebelwerfer strike fear into the hearts and minds of the American troops.
                    - Hero ranks and uniforms: now that is probably the biggest question. If there are various forces and uniforms, how to make the Heroes stand out in front of the other soldiers? For the Airborne units, I'd make the Hero wear paint on his face and have his sleeves rolled up. As for the Germans, it would depend on the type of forces that would be chosen to stand for them in this game. I still have no idea how it would work for the Rangers units.
                    - Uniforms would have to be different within different units. As you know, Airborne used different uniforms in Normandy and later in Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge. The Normandy ones were M42 uniforms and sort of brownish color, which were soon replaced with M43 uniforms that were green. Also, the markings on the helmets differentiate (they used Hearts for 502nd PIR, spades for 506th PIR and diamonds for the 501st PIR. The clubs were reserved for the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment). So, proper uniforms for proper units in the game or modification.

                    I know that these are not scripting ideas, but they are ideas and the possibilites that could be in the stand-alone game (or the Heroes of the West modification). And I know that these ideas probably add to the complexity of making the whole project possible, but I'd still love to see it in-game and I'd definitely cash out (e. g. 30 to 40 €) for something like this
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                    • #40
                      Well I made a set of German skins for the western front mod. An urban set. The standard German soldiers have a different shade of field grey to better distinguish themselves from the Americans slightly. Its actually the official RGB colour of field grey the Germans used. Field grey is a shade of the green. Confusing. They also have the M42 tunic rather than the M36 tunic they use in RO2. I gave them slate grey helmets which became quite common late war and pre war most helmets were slate grey. For the veteran he's acquired a pair of splinter camo trousers. And the machine gunners get dark grey gloves rather then field grey gloves. There weren't really official military gloves. They just issued soldiers with a bunch of different kinds of gloves. Gloves were gloves. I also have a similar hero skin which has a camo parka rather than a tunic. And I decided to give him a pair of old slate grey trousers. To give the sense of him being an old and experienced soldier who's been in the army since 1938. I was gonna give him a camo helmet too but the mesh for the German helmets are weird and the camo turns out all stretched. It needs to be redone. So its just default for now. That's the cold/wet weather variation. Not snowy winter.

                      They are pretty authentic. Just some minor alterations to help with close range team identification. Currently in a CQB situation friendly fire happens a lot because of the current colours.


                      • #41
                        Sounds excellent.
                        I always thought about a small character customisation menu, a bit like in Ut3 in which you could decide if there should be a foliage net on the helmet or not, you want jackboots or ankle boots, etc. Maybe also decide the face and the voice for your character.

                        One thing I do hope for is that winter outfit for the Germans is not the standard field tunic with scarf and gloves. Please add greatcoats.

                        Wet clothing would be awesome indeed. Currently it looks unrealistic of it pours down and the characters are not wet also. If there is a chance to add wet clothing that would be awesome. Also wet weapon skins would be immersive.
                        Last edited by Raven1986; 11-02-2014, 06:24 PM.
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