Hello all,
We are in a process to get ISO 9001 certification for our business. As the part of the process, we have set up an internal auditing team to do the in-house auditing. But, before going any further with the process, we need to find good quality tracking software for our business. We are into QS and, we usually deal with construction companies and related projects. We are currently testing a quality tracking software (https://www.unipointsoftware.com/pro...ment-software/). But, I am not sure how it will turn out. Here are our requirements Track all internal tasks including rework Create and monitor Client Projects performance Approval, revision and monitoring of projects A good feedback and internal communication feature Trend tracking. Document linking and sharing Strong and flexible Workflow. And, anything else that will be helpful for us to get an ISO certification faster. I would like to know what you guys recommend?