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A histories bolt and gun against the zombies

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  • A histories bolt and gun against the zombies

    Let us all admit it

    we like bolt action rifles and semi auto pistols/revolvers from WW2 and before!
    but we also like zombies

    Imagine you are in a gunstore with nothing but bolt action rifles and pistols/revolvers from ANY nation before 1945! Suddently a zombie outbreak begins and you realize you need to arm yourself. You find out you can carry one bolt action rifle and one pistol, along with ammo, bayonet and various accesoires

    For the bolt action rifle, you need to can get as much ammo as you carry in the gunstore, but will you find ammo for it later on? Also think about your bayonet, it can safe your life!

    Same goes for the semi auto pistol. Take a powerfull .45ACP? or a versatile 9mm?

    Think about magazine capacity, bolt manipulation and these things! Also think that this happens in YOUR country! The ammo you find in gunstores in europe and North america is vastly diffrent, because cartiges are varying popularity!

    For me, i would take the Lee-enfield SMLE No 1 MKIII.
    For the following reasons=
    -10 round magazine
    -Fast bolt manipulation
    -Awesome and long bayonet
    -.303 is a reasonably popular cartigde in Belgium

    SHOULD a SMLE not be avaible, i would take a Schmidt rubin K31. It is better then SMLE in every way, exept magazine capacity. But it easier to load with stripper clips. 7.5x55swiss is pretty popular here and awesome bayonet aswel.

    As for the pistol, i would take a browning Hi-power, or an FN GP as it is named here.
    -9mm ! very avaible
    -13 round magazine capacity
    -Used by Belgian police and army, thus ready accesable ammo and spare parts

  • #2
    Rifles: 30-06 caliber (because 30-06 was soooo prevalent)
    Either a Winchester Model 70
    or the M1903A3 Springfield (Because of its 5 round capability.

    Has to be the Springfield Armory 1911 (in .45ACP of course).

    While it may only hold 7 rounds vs your 13 rounds, you're still going to come up short. Why? you may ask? Its gonna take 2 rounds of your puny 9mm to drop that zombie. One round from my .45acp will "blow his head clean off" (to steal a phrase from Clint)....(He was talking about his .44magnum. I know, I know )

    Also, 9mm was not a popular caliber in the US at that time. .38 or .45 would have been. A .38 would just plain suck...... Perhaps a .38Super would work, but I don't think that caliber had been 'invented' yet.


    • #3
      If you have to find ammo as you go, Floyd's post is pretty much the end of the thread. No sense bringing calibers you can't find.

      BUT, ignoring that rule, I would pick the Enfield as well, with either a Luger with a drum magazine or a C96 M712 machine pistol with detachable mags.


      • #4
        Well... not a boltie, but the M1 Carabine is recommended by the "bible" i.e. Zombie Survival Guide as the best all-round weapon against the undead horde - good enough range, plenty ammo and small enough to swing around in tight spaces.

        If you get caught indoors while scavenging food, with a full-size rifle you're basically screwed

        Graviteam - for the true Grognard.


        • #5
          Seriously the M1 Carabine?

          You would probably end up with a military or police weapon (in Germany that would be a G36 and 9 mm pistols, you could do worse :/)
          Peace has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you! - Bane


          • #6
            Originally posted by Floyd View Post

            While it may only hold 7 rounds vs your 13 rounds, you're still going to come up short. Why? you may ask? Its gonna take 2 rounds of your puny 9mm to drop that zombie. One round from my .45acp will "blow his head clean off" (to steal a phrase from Clint)....(He was talking about his .44magnum. I know, I know )
            The reason why i would take a 9mm over a .45ACP is because 9mm is very very very VERY common here. The .45ACP is much and much more difficult to find

            true, i admit, i would take a .45ACP over a 9mm. But finding ammo is important if you wanna stay up


            • #7
              You know, I'd probably just skip on the rifle altogether and bring a 1911 and a C96 M712. I wouldn't want to shoot zombies outside the effective range of the pistols anyways, better just to sneak past.

              I'd also be seriously hoping to find a 1897 trench gun with the ginormous Enfield bayonet somewhere along the way during my travels. For close encounters.


              • #8
                Anything .22LR.

                You can carry thousands of rounds without a problem, zombie bones are brittle and you have to shoot them in the head anyways.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by [TW]schneidzekk View Post
                  Anything .22LR.

                  You can carry thousands of rounds without a problem, zombie bones are brittle and you have to shoot them in the head anyways.
                  Ruger 10/22 Full Auto.."that's HOT" - YouTube
                  no bolt, but i think this one would be very effective.
                  [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC][COLOR="Gray"][I] i7 3770K@4.3ghz; 8gb ddr3 1333; gtx770; 2x1TB hdd@raid0 + 128gb 830 SSD; win7 64bit[/I][/COLOR]


                  • #10
                    A .22 is nice for zombies but you will probably have to shoot other armed humans at some point.


                    • #11
                      If bolt actions are the only option? Probably an M1917 Enfield since it's 30-06, which would have been the only common ammo other than 30-40 Krag, it has a 6 round mag, it's tougher than the Springfield IMHO, and it mounts a British sword...I mean the Enfield bayonet. If ammo weren't an issue it'd be the Swiss K31, or Lee Enfield due to rapid bolt manipulation.

                      The pistol would be either a .45, or a Browning Hi-Power.
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                      "A patriot is a man who bleeds for the benefit of his country, not the man who bleeds his country for his own benefit"


                      • #12
                        Bah!!! All you pathetic right-handers and your snobby "right hand only" bolt actions!!!

                        I'd pick myself a real mans weapon and get myself a nice old Wincester lever action. One of those which were able to take the more powerful smokeless cartrages. Yeeee haaaaw!

                        As for pistols if we're in that time period a nice webley revolver should do it. Nice bullet calibre not to light, not to heavy, good, accurate, solid, reliable revolver which was common before mr Churchull f**ked everything up and threw away everything that was good about British weaponry, and replaced it with crappy American clones (crappy copies of crappy weapons! Gah)
                        Over 4 years and still can't get signatures to run!


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by tixhal View Post
                          Ruger 10/22 Full Auto.."that's HOT" - YouTube
                          no bolt, but i think this one would be very effective.
                          Ugh... The 10/22 is a real cheap, fun gun to shoot, but you'd be insane to use it for self-defense (against armed humans). Combine the very likely need to fire a second, third, or fourth shot to bring someone down with the likelihood of a failure to feed even with mags with decent feed lips, or a stovepipe, and you're just asking for trouble. At least it's pretty accurate. Full auto helps too.

                          Against zombies, a jam is more forgivable given their slow gait, but if I'm backed up in an alley or surrounded, I'd rather not have to muck around prying brass out of my gun...

                          I'd pick it without question in a wilderness survival scenario though. Light, accurate, simple action... A 10/22 will feed you to the brim on squirrels, no question.
                          Last edited by Nikita; 05-02-2012, 11:46 AM.
                          Classic forever.


                          • #14
                            Rifle would be a toss-up between my No.4 Mk.I (easy handling, fast loading, serviceably accurate and powerful plus moderately common ammo for milsurp in Australia) or my 91/30 (more reach with the bayonet, more accurate, ammo is not as common but I know where to find it, and before too long will be restored to PU sniper condition so it'll have a decent optic on it too). Probably the 91/30... I'd be trying to avoid having to use it where necessary, and if the DayZ mod for ArmA 2 has taught me anything over the last week it's that other survivors are dicks and I need to be more worried about them than zombies

                            Of course, if we're talking period ammo too, the Enfield becomes the only choice. No 7.62x54r here back in those days! An M1897 or Stevens trench gun would be great as well, though I'd be dubious about arming myself with a shotgun when I might need to reach out a bit.

                            For a pistol I'd go with a Hi-Power. Great gun, common ammo. Not really much more that needs to be said there. Decent 9mm ammo delivers similar if not equivalent damage to a hardball .45 ACP, with more capacity. In any case, shot placement is the decider.

                            Spetsnaz - I take it you're referring to the .280 round and EM-2? I could verbally lust over it for hours. We have one at the Lithgow small arms museum and it is absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking what happened to the project.
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                            • #15
                              Originally posted by ross View Post
                              Spetsnaz - I take it you're referring to the .280 round and EM-2? I could verbally lust over it for hours. We have one at the Lithgow small arms museum and it is absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking what happened to the project.
                              Aye, It is indeed a bloody shame. Our FN FALS where first also chamberd for the .280 round, and i met a man who once tested it back in the 50's. He loved it. It was The perfect combination of everything.