Hello, chaps!

The only reason that I want to join a clan is due to the fact that I don't appreciate public servers, as much as anybody else. The lack of communication, it bothers me. - Among many other things, which I don't want to go through. Not to mention Killing Floor 2, which I'm quite hyped for. I want a team who's ready for it, so we can all play and experience it together.

I guess I finally thought I'd find myself a clan. A Portuguese one, preferably (No, not a Brazilian clan. No, thank you.). I do occasionally spot a Portuguese player here and there, but they don't seem to be in any clan, nor are they either very communicative, helpful or experienced. I wouldn't mind an European clan either, if mostly any remaining Portuguese clan is dead or dying.

On to my personal information then:
  • Over 390 hours.
  • Maxed out Perks (Except for Berserker, which is at Lv. 5.).
  • Vanilla player (Non-whitelisted servers/Unofficial maps are an option, but I would rather acquire all remaining achievements first.).
  • Microphone available.
  • Fluent English speaker (I couldn't find a more suitable word, but it's really up to you and the clan to figure it out. - If I speak properly, that is.).

Note: Before replying to this topic, make sure to include any necessary and useful information about your clan. Thank you.

Do you got any more questions? Please don't hesitate to ask.