Hey zed slayers, I'll take up a minute of your time.
A duo you have never heard of, have been spending the last years working on a sort of "KF 1.5" mutator.
It will feature a large and completely customized maplist with maps you've possibly never played, a new race of specimen, a new perk, and a heap of new weapons.
Now, there have surely been a number of custom servers during KF lifetime and I enjoyed playing on a few of them.
However, this is oriented towards balancing - and, where needed, fixing - 95% of pre-existing content.
There's a lot more to it, really. We've put a lot of efforts into this project, and never spent too much time trying to promote it so far.
We expect it to be ready for public testing somewhere during Q1 2019, and while we're sure you're having a blast slicing and making holes in KF2 specimens and may consider KF less noteworthy, we'd be extremely glad to see you hop on and give this project a shot, whether you're a sunday player or an old veteran who's looking for a reason to come back and remember how entertaining those british insults to specimens were.
Of course, projects like this one would never be possible without characters like Marco (who needs no introduction), my partner Falk689, and many talented modders and mappers we took inspiration and/or workshop content from, who'll all get credits when the time is right.
Finally, let us thank you for reading all of this, and let us thank you once more if you will ever decide to take part in the "Lair" project.
You'll hear news about it via our Steam group "Outbreak Militia" https://steamcommunity.com/groups/OutbreakMilitia and also via the Steam hub and Tripwire forums.
Keep slaying zeds.