Characters are the foundation of killing floor, the British chaps flailing Dosh around and yelling abusive slur is something, But...

One beloved character, D.A.R 2.0 has some misplaced audio issues, whether you’ve realised these errors yourself or not they aren’t game breaking just out of place, and I apologise if this post seems just nit picky.

Siren Quotes:

To start off, When Dar is approached by a siren, dar will play his *spotted Hans volter* quotes, his Hans quotes being...
  • Hello, big boy
  • Big, Ugly and mean
  • Watch it big boss
  • Welll someone’s been eating organic” etc..
Instead of his ‘Siren’ quotes seen below:

(Dar’s missing siren quotes time stamps)
2:00: “Siirenn!”(Dar as Reverend Alberts)
2:59:“Get her before she gets too close” (Dar as Classic Masterson)
11:41: “Siren!, watch your ears!” (Dar as Rae Higgins)
13:00:“Careful, siren”(Dar as Ana Larive)
15:23:“Watch your ears, Siren!” (Dar as Ana Larive)
15:48:“We’ve got a screamer” (Dar as Hayato Tanaka)
16:18: Watch it siren!” (Dar as Mr foster)

After a bit of rummaging around I found that dar does have siren quotes, their just misplaced with dar’s ‘hans quotes’, so if your willing to put dar back into the workshop to fix up his quotes, us Dar fans will be very much appreciated

Ammo Checks:
Now dar’s ammo checks are a bit complicated, but...

as an example, you finish a wave and Dar will do a ‘ammo check’ by saying something along the lines of:

Dar(as Tom banner): “Here’s some ammo.”

When a teammate replies with:

Briar: “Plenty, Ta

Briar: “Hows your ammo?”


Dar(as Ana): “Ammo here.”

Dar(as Ana): “ my Ammos fully stocked


Briar: “Ammo’s fine thanks

Dar’s ‘ammo check’ quotes are the same quotes as if he saw a ammo box.
Dar’s reply to an ammo check are sometimes the same as if he saw an ammo box.

Instead of his ‘Real ammo check quotes’ seen below:

(Dar’s missing ammo check quotes time stamps)
1:34: “Ammo check folks” (Dar as Classic Masterson)
7:05: “Ammo check folks” (Dar as Classic Masterson) x2
8:35: “Ammo check” (Dar as Dj Scully)
12:31: “How’s your ammo?” (Dar as PC Rob Briar)
12:50: “Ammo check people” (Dar as PC Rob Briar)
13:48: “Anyone need ammo?” (Dar as Oisten Jagerhorn)
14:13: “How’s everyone for ammo!” (Dar as Mr Foster)

Like I said before, not game breaking just a little character quote error, so if D.A.R could get a little tweak in the next upcoming update/bug fix that would be great. Thank you very much