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Upcoming Forum Overhaul

We are starting the work to switch our forums, which have been based on a version of the Vbulletin forum software since their inception with the Red Orchestra mod (then VB 3 and currently VB 5.1) to an all new forum software called Xenforo. After researching it, we feel Xenforo is a better choice for the future as it has a vibrant modding and addon community that will allow us to extend the functions of these forums in ways players will enjoy.

As part of this, at some point in the near future these forums will be locked down so we cant merge over all of the existing content into the new forum database. It will likely then be a few more days as we work on the new forum and correct any issues from the merge.
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Privay Policy Update

We’ve updated the Tripwire Privacy Notice under our Policies to be clearer about our use of customer information to come in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules that come into force today (25th May 2018). The following are highlights of our changes:

We’ve incorporated the relevant concepts from the GDPR including joining the EU and Swiss Privacy Shield framework. We’ve added explanations for why and how Tripwire processes customer data and the types of data that we process, as well as information about your data protection rights.

For more information about our privacy practices, please review the new Privacy Policy found here:
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Forum Rules

  • Items changed, or highlighted for future attention, on 20 July 2013 are highlighted in yellow.

Global Rules
  • Forum moderators may or may not be Tripwire Interactive staff members, but either way, please respect them, as they are the authority of the forums. Speaking to them with intentional spite will not be tolerated and may result in the loss of your forum privileges.
  • Any decisions made by any member of staff or moderator are final and not subject to discussion. Doing so may result in a ban from the site. The owners of Tripwire Interactive Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason, as well as to remove access to the forums for any individuals with or without warning for breaches of the rules.
  • If you have a complaint regarding another user, PM the appropriate moderators, or if you have an administrative issue, [RO]schneidzekk.

General Behaviour
  • Use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered.
  • Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention either in the title or the body of the post.
  • Up to 10 emoticons are allowed in a post
  • Political discussions are prohibited.
  • Flaming - We do not tolerate abusive, malicious, personal attacks. You will be banned if you persist in this behavior.
  • Trolls - Anyone deliberately antagonizing other forum users by posting 'flame bait' type messages is not welcome. You will be banned (possibly without warning depending on the severity of the issue) if you persist in this behavior.
  • Personal insults (directed at anyone) will result in a ban. If the behavior is not corrected, it will be made more permanent.
  • Constructive criticism is welcome. However keep in mind we (and other forums goers) may not agree with you. If you can't keep the conversation civil, you will be removed from the forums.
  • The use of hyperbole, one liners, and images as part of a forum debate is likely to get you infracted. You have many ways to participate and be a constructive part of this community, even when you disagree.
  • To make the highlighted bits above 100% clear to everyone, the following WILL NOT BE TOLERATED:
    1. Personal attacks, insults, antagonism of any forum-goers, moderators or Tripwire Interactive staff.
    2. Name Shaming and Public "Witch Hunts" are also not allowed.
    3. Breaches of confidentiality and privacy of any sort.
    4. Any form of racism, bigotry or attacks on race, creed or color.
    5. Linking to posts on other forums related to ANY of the above, whether you are the originator or not, without exception.[/COLOR]
  • There has been too much in the way of abhorrent personal behaviors in the past. These will cease. It doesn't matter who started it or who reacted to it - it will all result in moderator action. If you have to indulge your hatreds, for whatever reason, go do it elsewhere - and do not try and drag our forum-goers over to enjoy your hatreds.
  • We understand that people have strong feelings about our games, what we do for a living and how we respond (or don't) to comments on the forums. We all aren't going to agree about everything. So, BE CIVIL in your disagreements!

  • DO NOT Transmit any message, information, data, text, software or graphic files, or other materials ("Content") that is unlawful (including illegal drug usage), harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, hateful or racially, ethnically, sexually or otherwise objectionable. This includes publicizing private information, such as individual's real names, IP addresses and anything else that might be used to identify them to the freakier members of the internet. This also means you may NOT publically share private communications (PM, email or anything else) without the original poster's permission.
  • DO NOT Post or transmit any Content that contains a virus, Trojan horse or other mischievous Content.
  • DO NOT Post or transmit any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes" or any other form of solicitation.
  • DO NOT link to posts on any other forums, or any other form of media, that breaches our rules. It will be treated just the same as if you had posted it here.
  • DO NOT Double Post, cross Post, "necro post" or restart closed threads.
  • DO NOT Intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, rule or regulation.
  • DO NOT Upload or transmit any Content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights ("Rights") of any party.
  • DO NOT complain about being banned from a server and DO NOT complain about other players on servers - that is between you and the admin, no need to get the community involved.

Username, Avatar and Signature Rules
  • Multiple registrations result in a ban.
  • No offensive user names
  • Avatars:
    Avatars are disabled.
  • All signatures should not exceed the following size limits, you can have both text and images
  • - For text signatures: 4 lines normal size, 8 lines small size and up to 100 chars per line. Font sizes above 2 are not allowed. (Blank lines count as lines.)
  • - For images in signatures: 1 image up to 400 pixels wide, 150 pixels tall and 100kb in size plus 2 lines normal size text and up to 100 chars per line
Netiquette: Written text has no inflection, and, as such, you should be careful how you write your messages as interpretation will vary from person to person. Please take advantage of the built-in emoticons to add such expression to your words. Please remember the golden rule: to treat other forum users the way you would like to be treated. Please use common courtesy, and enjoy using Red Orchestra's forums
[COLOR=darkred]Offensive material
The following is a list of some things that MAY be considered "offensive" by the moderators and the team. This is NOT an exclusive list and it does depend very much on context.

Crossing the line into "offensive" territory is likely to get you asked to change your name, sig or avatar or to withdraw/delete posts. This will be done politely by the moderators. If you refuse to comply further action WILL be taken once started, ultimately leading to banning from the forums.

A key point: please attempt to use your brains. What is mild humour to you may well be deeply offensive to others. While we have no intention of acting as politically-correct "thought police", we are on the lookout for those things that can cause offense and, in some cases, are actually still illegal in some jurisdictions.
  1. Names recalling notorious war criminals or personalities.
  2. Names recalling atrocities and war crimes in general, or units with particularly odious histories.
  3. Use of obscenities and expletives.
  4. Blatant racism, mysogynism or many other "ism"s.
  5. Use of symbolism and regalia recalling Nazism or Fascism; this does not include pics of soldiers who happen to have such symbols on their uniform, unless we feel this has been done to provoke. Please note that many Nazi symbols (including the Swastika) are still illegal in Germany and other countries and considered deeply offensive by many Europeans.
  6. Use of symbolism and regalia recalling Stalinism.
  7. On both the previous two, the moderators' views on the intention and impact of use of such symbols will be final - not yours. Please be understanding if you are advised to change something.
  8. In general, if a sig/avatar represents your allegiances in-game and is clearly "in part", it is likely to be fine; if the moderators feel you are trying to demonstrate unpalatable political allegiances, or to use it in an attempt to ridicule or provoke others you WILL be asked to change it. RO is NOT the place to make any extremist political statements of any kind.

So people get the idea, some examples that would be considered offensive, numbered as above:
  1. "Hitler", "Beria"
  2. "NKVD Blocking Detachment", "Einsatzgruppen"
  3. This one should be pretty obvious...
  4. So should this - and it includes calling all Germans "Nazis" and all Soviets/Russians "Commies". It got boring 50 years ago, so stop it.
  5. Use of swastikas, fasces, SS-runes and so on for the Axis.
  6. There is actually very little overt symbolism from the Stalinist era; the hammer-and-sickle isn't offensive per se.

A simple rule-of-thumb: many Europeans find Nazi symbolism of any sort offensive; many Americans still find Soviet symbolism offensive. Engage your brain before using.

Final Note: this is NOT open to debate, so please do NOT start whining and moaning if a moderator asks you to change something. They will advise at first, giving reasons, then, if you take no notice, they will step up the pressure through to banning.
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  • This is probably mentioned already but a good technique to take on Scrakes and FP with double barrel is to let them come close and then jump and shoot and empty both barrels. This will send you flying back a bit but enough to avoid at least the Scrakes hits. FP is a harder. Mostly useful on HoE where they can take a few hits.


    • Some stuff concerning Spring Update:

      - Rioter's armor health for head / torso is 450 / 500 (25% less on Normal). It absorbs all damage while its on. However any head damage greater than Rioter's head HP will work differently - likely cause actual head damage.

      - Rioter's fire vulnerability is x3, used to be x1 when it was Elite Alpha.

      - Armor wearing rioter cannot sprint, even when it rally boost itself. However it will enrage upon losing either of armor pieces.

      - Mac 10 bullets have 10% chance to spawn residual flames. However it only appear so in ZED Time, normally its a hitscan weapon that doesn't use projectiles so no flames here.

      - Despite being an SMG by the nature, Mac 10's bullets actually have same damage type as shotguns. Hence have different approach to ZED's resistances. Comparing to P90 (same 30 damage) Mac 10 is less effective against Clots but more effective against Gorefasts or Husks.

      - Dragon's Breath now has 10% chance (per pellet) to spawn residual flame too. Works all the time.

      - Gravity pull of HX25, M79 and M16 has been increased by approx. 2 times . The projectile speed for these weapons was reduced from 50 m/s to 40 m/s.

      - Husk Cannon does 100 damage w/o charging. Every 0.2s of charging it gaines 1 point of charge power up to 5 points after charging gun for 1 second. As weapon charges it does more damage, getting bigger radius and more incap power.

      The formulas are:

      Damage = base damage x (1 + Charges x 0.7)
      Radius = base damage x (1 + Charges x 0.3)
      Incap power = base damage x (1 + Charges x 0.22)

      So fully charged Cannon does x4.5 more damage, has x2.5 wider radius and x2.1 more incap powers.

      - Husk Cannon projectile does 0 damage, hence aiming to the head and Demolitionist's High Impact Rounds and Armor Piercing Rounds have no effect on this weapon. However Bombardier, Frag Rounds and Passive damage bonuses do work. The projectile also spawns the Ground Fire, but only when fully charged.

      - Dual AF2011-A1s actually have different ROF and penetration power depending on what ADS style currently selected (no actual ADS needed). By aiming in KF1 manner you're getting ROF of 461 and penetration power of 2 but "modern" ADS style gives ROF of 545 and lowered penetration power (1.5).

      - Reloading and switching to/from AF211-A1(s) almost entirely resembles one from Desert Eagle(s). No hate here!

      - Field Medic's Acidic Rounds was buffed significantly. It used to be 7.5% of weapon damage, now its 100% (same damage as weapon has but different type of the damage - toxic), repeated for total of 3 ticks.

      - All Clot got slightly fatter (not visually). Their new mass is 65 (used to be 50) so now they're slightly less affected by pushing force and also do bit more damage when they land on top of you.

      - C4 moved to the "Tools" slot (#4).

      - .500 SW(s) now does 10 more damage (160). 1858 models - twice more (60).

      - Player activated traps in DieSector do 40 points of Fire damage to ZEDs and do not affected players themselves. However these traps along the one in the main room do 4 point of damage to both - players and ZEDs.

      - Barriers do 10 points of EMP damage within 2s intervals.
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      Killing Floor 2 stats (spreadsheet)


      • I don't see the point of moving C4 to the tool slot where the welder and healer reside. I prefer having them as a primary weapon so you don't have to fiddle around with the keys to select the detonator. Granted, C4 is a tool in it's own right, but it's a weapon first and foremost.

        In relation to the double barrel trick with big zeds, one easy way to deal with scrakes is (if they aren't raged) walk up to the zed and just blast him in the face. You don't need to jump to do this. When the scrake starts swinging, you can temporarily stun him for a second by bashing his face before pulling the trigger. This makes the scrake stand still and straight long enough for an easy headshot. The resulting damage will make him stagger backwards, and if you're quick enough you could line up a second quick headshot to finish him. However, it's wise to do this ONLY when there are no trash around, as they can mess up the technique. Haven't tried this on FPs due to their swinging animations, but I don't believe they get stunned as much.


        • Originally posted by simplecat View Post
          Some stuff concerning Spring Update:

          - Armor wearing rioter cannot sprint, even when it rally boost itself. However it will enrage upon losing either of armor pieces.
          Rioter does sprint/run sometimes even with armor and sometimes doesn't, not sure why exactly.


          • The new outbreak spotted in the wild, dunno if and when its coming but its playable via game modding.

            Horde mode: Players start with the pistol, knife and no grenades. Some ZEDs replaced / have a chance to be replaced by Clots. SC and FP replaced by Bloats / Husks. QPs can still spawn.

            No trader time, instead during the intermission players have to scavenge for items - ammo and weapons which in this mode have their own spawning rules.

            Suicidal, Short game. ZEDs spawn much faster.

            All bosses replaced by King Fleshpound. King FP spawn its normal QP minions but also some non FP ZEDs and can also (currently disabled) spawn some extra QPs when it appear on the map.
            Killing Floor 2 stats (spreadsheet)


            • SWAT and GS's bullet resistance bonuses do help against EDAR Blaster. Demo enjoy the damage reduction from Bomber's rockets.

              E.D.A.R. spawn commands: Emp, Laser, Rock
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              Killing Floor 2 stats (spreadsheet)


              • Bit more of Did You Know? stuff:
                • Berserker is affected by all forms of DOT for 20% less time than any other perk.
                • Berserker's Resistance skill has hidden attribute - it replaces Bloat bile camera effect with the "light" version that is much easier to see through and it also decreases Siren's scream VFX strength by 20%, although i can't really measure "strength".
                • Commando gets XP just for revealing Stalkers to teammates, you don't even need to kill them, you get XP as soon as your teammates kill them.
                • Spitfire Revolver(s) is the only weapon in game whose bash attack damage is not boosted by Berserker's skills. Instead in works with Gunslinger and Sharpshooter skills.
                • Shapshooter's skills that modify damage depending on stance (stationary, crouching, ADSing) as well work with every tick of Spitfire fire DOT. Should you move or stand up your next DOT tick will do less damage.
                • You might think that DOT with 5s duration and 1s interval does 5 ticks, but the way it works is that it starts its first tick after 1st interval expires and it wears off completely when remaining duration < interval, so as a rule of thumb (in most cases) actual amount of DOT ticks is (Duration / Interval) - 2.
                • Firebug's Napalm skill applies napalm damage (7 points) to initial target at the same rate as weapon fires, it effectively boosts weapon damage. Only works with flame spraying weapons - CnB, Flamethrower and Microwave.
                • Field Medic has hidden passive similar to Berserker's Resistance - less distractive camera VFX from Bloat bile attacks.
                • Extra explosion radius of Demo's Mad Bomber skill works even outside of ZED Time.
                • Unlike Survivalist, Firebug's Molotovs and Residual Flames last on the ground twice as longer.
                • Commando's Backup skill boosts 9mm's damage and does work along the passive damage bonus. For SWAT it does not.
                • 501's grenade impact damage (but not the explosion) is affected by Demo's skills.
                • Firebug's Napalm and Barbecue, when selected alone, provide x2.5 longer DOT duration. But together - only x4.
                Killing Floor 2 stats (spreadsheet)


                • When using Whirlwind of Lead, the HX-25 Grenade Pistol has the same rate of fire as the AA-12 due to not needing to reload


                  • [QUOTEConsider using the 9mm Handgun to conserve ammo (and thus money) on trash zeds on all difficulties. This will help you reach those Tier4 Weapons much faster.][/QUOTE]
                    For those trash zeds I just invest 200 pounds or dollars on the crovel melee tool. One hit from that takes care of the crawlers, stalkers, the cyst and the clot. Which helps me to save my 9mm ammo for something else. Especially if I use 2 of them.


                    • Originally posted by simplecat View Post
                      Some stuff concerning Spring Update

                      - Dragon's Breath now has 10% chance (per pellet) to spawn residual flame too. Works all the time.
                      I presume this is for stock T2?

                      Dragons breath had innate chance for fire once upgraded. Getting it to T5 boosts the chance per pellet significantly.

                      - shooting a m79 verticaly will drop a grenade in 2 meter radius for where you are standing in 5 seconds. Consider this for takedown for medium zeds as it gives you enough time to reload and fire it again.