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Old Yesterday, 09:38 AM
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Default New server running the RP Real Panzer Mod

The Real Panzer mod was originally created in Darkest Hour and was created for those who look to originality when it comes to tanking, RO and DH tanking is great and you have to say that it’s the best tanking game available.

So What’s different about Real Panzer?

The Tanks are now quite different to the stock RO and have been modded to be as realistic to real life as the game engine will allow.

All the Ro Tanks are there and new ones like the Nashorn, Brumbar, and Elephant to name a few.

Here are some of the modifications.

You have to start the engine onentry and you can also switch it off for stealth
You can only exit through the correct hatch
Armour recoded to include separate and more accurate code for the Hull and separate code for the turret.
Shells better match real life penetration values.
Tanks explode and turrets blow off on many.
Tracks blow off but you can still turn the Tank slowly.
Tanks catch fire and if you don’t exit quickly you burn with the tank or if you are a little slow at getting out and don’t run far enough away you catch fire and die.
Turrets can jam, gun elevation can jam and sights get damaged.
Engine sounds are from real tank sounds.
Gun Flash and smoke is more realistic.
Some have “Flame Throwers” and it looks like real flame, kills infantry and will destroy tanks at close range if you burn them for long enough.
Most tanks have bush cammo set at 30 or 50% chance when they spawn.
Some have “Smoke Dischargers” and “Grenade Launchers” to combat those pesky infantry that try to dump a satchel on you!

Server is primarily a tank server but we have some small to medium combined arms with custom and standard RO maps also some Western Front maps with British and Western Allied Tanks. US roles will be added soon and more maps being worked on

There are a lot of files to download when you first join but redirect is fast and should not take too long

So if you are interested then please come and see us on the RO Real Panzer Server and visit steam group ROReal Panzer.

Have fun and regards to all.

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