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Old 02-23-2014, 05:35 AM
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Default More Variation Between Honor Levels

As it stands now when you go from Raw Recruit to Battle-Hardened your uniform gets slightly dirtier. Then at Veteran you get rolled up sleeves/uncuffed pants/and more foliage on your soldier. I propose that instead of just dirtier textures there are more subtle changes that take place from rank.

1-Raw recruit marines/army helmets are strapped on. Small variety change that helps distinguish fresh meat.
2-Dirtier Marines with cut-up helmet covers as you reach higher ranks. Right now I feel the Veteran-class for marines is too clean and should look a lot more gritty. Feel like the clothes are brand new instead of crawling around in mud/dirt.
3-Frontline Japanese and Battle-hardened procedurally get more foliage on there helmet. Not to the extent of Veteran but a slight amount like this.

Any other ideas? I figure this won't be added by the devs but variety is the spice of life aye.
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Old 02-26-2014, 02:53 PM
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I agree. One issue I have with the current system is that uniforms become more 'rare' or 'experimental' for heroes. The uniforms become dirtier and more stripped-down, until a certain point when they get a new uniform entirely. I want to feel raggedy-assed, not a special snowflake who earns new camo as a participation badge.
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