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Old 03-08-2014, 12:21 PM
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Default Defense how to do it

I notice that the game is basically a WW1 styled exercise of nose on nose fighting, rather than a WW2 tactical exercise in fire and maneuver.

I use that in planning a defense in that I try to get the troops in covered position and using interlocking fields of fire having the enemy walk through fire lanes in which we never sees the troop that shoots him.

You use the terrain and cover provided, you place your troops in positions where they do not fire at their 12 o'clock over the cover exposing their 'brain housing group' you have them firing at their 10 and 2 o'clock with their cover between them and the enemy, they are relying on the troops similarly placed to their right and left to cover their front from their 10 and 2 o'clock fields of fire. Just imagine humps with two troops behind it firing to the right and left at the 10 and 2, multiple positions creating several X shaped 'crossfires' across the entire front to be covered. The attacker can not see nor take underfire the troops behind this cover, and take rounds from their 9 to 3 o'clock by troops to their right and left and they are stuck in the center of an X shaped 'killzone'.

Place LMG's to the flanks with established 'fire lanes' across the front, that they fire in short bursts to create a wall of fire the enemy has to run through, again taking fire from the 9/10-1/2 o'clock positions and not seeing the gun that kills them. Also if you have a piece of cover to you 12 o'clock any enemy support weapons can not hit you. ATR's the same stop trying to take tanks on nose to nose.

In defense work as two man 'teams', communicate, Sl's just behind defense as spawn point and place troops in any holes that develop. It is simple and it works, basic infantry stuff.

Artillery, again FPF's Final Protective Fires, pre-plot artillery impact areas so you can fire them when needed again as a wall the enemy has to run through to get to the objective. And if you are commander and have to abandon an objective, mark it before you leave, then have fire landing just as enemy caps it and have the most number of troops in the impact area.

Just some things we do, and I try to teach......
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