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Old 04-24-2014, 06:00 PM
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Yea, I agree somewhat what the dude on top of me says. Lets make the medic class important. Huge maps like arad where it is huge and where running to the front is obnoxious (especially when there is no transport and super especially if you are running to the front carring an anti tank rifle , been there hated that). And why do people say tickens arent an issue? Sure they are. I have been in countless battles if we had enough tickets, we should of won the game. I think we all know that feeling the battle starts to reach its end and we know we are low on tickets. Medic would be crucial in this time of the battle. And dont make it rediculous like battlefield where you get blown by an abrams and a team mate comes by with defibulators and revives you. If your dead, your dead. Nothing can be done. However, there is some injuries where it is untreatable. For example, being hit by the PTRS. If you are hit by this thing, you are gone in an instant. No treatment available. Even if it hits your hand, your hand is gone which makes you unable to be in combat. Also, bayonet shanks. You will die. No treatment availbale. If you shank someone good, it is way more lethal than a rifle round. However, it is not an instant death, youll die slowly-more slower than how it is right now.
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Old 04-29-2014, 07:09 AM
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Other Medic discussions:
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Old 04-29-2014, 02:50 PM
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In the context of this game, I don't think the implementation of medics would be realistic. As someone who has actually treated gunshot wounds in real life, I can say that the average person isn't going to be too combat effective after receiving anything more than a minor grazing wound (especially from the rifles used in WW2). Yes, there are rare exceptions, those are the guys who generally win medals. But I've also seen big tough guys whining and crying from a .22 through and through gsw to the arm... quite often actually...
Combat medics are about saving lives so the person can fight another day, generally weeks, or even months, later... not in the same battle. This is something that's simply outside of the scope of this game. Now maybe if they were to add a more detailed campaign game that limited overall troop numbers throughout the game, and tracked the difference between KIA and those simply rendered combat ineffective from wounds, then I could see adding medics in some form. But they still wouldn't return people to combat, just allow them to be available for future battles in the campaign.

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Old 04-29-2014, 03:00 PM
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No Medics.

The game already takes into account the player being wounded to the point of being combat ineffective. It is treated the same as the player dying and the player respawns.

I can only speak for myself, but the last thing I would want would be for a medic to grab me and take me away, wasting my time when I could have just respawned as a new reinforcement.
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Old 04-30-2014, 06:37 AM
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Don't try to explain respawn as something, what makes the game more realistic.
Respawn is a gameplay feature, which allows to solve gameplay issues. Not realism issues. Actually, respawn is anti-realistic feature, since soldiers never spawn again after death. Especially, respawning near your team leader or inside a vehicle in the middle of combat.

We don't need anything to be added to the game ONLY for "realism".
Because adding feature only for "Realism" may seriously hurt gameplay.
When adding something, most important thing to add is fun.
If two features, which may be added has same fun level, then more realistic feature may be chosen (since we play the game, which tends to be realistic)

I personally think, adding a medic class is bad idea.
I already has an experience in Americas Army 2, where you are forced to ask for medic while being injured. And you may die, if medic will not come.
It may happen, that you don't have medic close enough to your position and you will die. Its not fun to die because some another player did not completed his job well.
Not to mention, that its not fun coming 100 meters from you position to someone, who were dumb enough to allow to shot him.
Actually, whole idea with bleeding and bandages is not really fun.
In Red Orchestra ostfront it was fun without bandages.

But, in Americas Army: proving grounds they changed it. They removed bleeding but added "incapacitated" state. You may be revived once per respawn. I and many players finding it fun and it promotes teamplay. Everyone can revive fallen comrades.
And if you died - its not because someone failed to do his job as a medic.
Its because enemy shot you.
But your friend can fix your error and revive you once. But he is free not to do so, because its your own error being shot. Then, you can just respawn as usual.

And in Red Orchestra you need to have an option to respawn instead of waiting for revive.

Would be nice to have this feature added for test in red ochestra beta, and we will see if its fun.

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Old 04-30-2014, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Leutnant789 View Post
For example a player gets hit with a pistol to the chest. He will fall to the ground and call for a medic, instead of just bandaging it up. If the player wishes to move he can crawl on the ground, but he can't stand up again like nothing happened.
The medic will hopefully arrive before he bleeds out and carry him to a safe location (if needed). Then he will treat his wound. Both the medic and the player will get points (2 points for example).
Hi, I will be the guy who will just type "suicide" in console, wait 5-6 seconds to respawn and run another 10 seconds back to where I was. E for effort, next.
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