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Old 03-26-2009, 05:20 PM
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Default The Hive - ScreenShots Now In Here

Note: Major Versions "V1/V2/V3" indicate a different Hive! Patch Revisions are shown as "REV1/2/3 etc"
V1: Released*
V2: Released:
V3: Released:

KF-TheHiveV1REV3 has been released. Downloads through the Steam workshop will be automatically downloaded.

REV3 - Bug Fixes.
* Should resolve an issue where downloads from a server are extremely slow.
* Fixed Keyboard2.U in Map.
* Added some visual updates to the map
* Removed old references to KF.MOD Sounds

For Server Administrators, please download from here:

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

With the Tripwire Announcement that they are opening a Steam Workshop, this is the perfect opportunity to fix and finalise The Hive series.

With that in mind, I want to fix up "The Hive" and add more content/missions. I also want to do this on all versions of "The Hive" (V1/V2/V3)

Starting from Today, I am beginning the tidy up on V1!

If you wanted something in KF-TheHiveV1, name it now... or forever hold your peace.
__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Hey, you may know me from the Killing Floor forums.
And you may know me from the map i designed called


This map is still in BETA. This is NOT a final.


KF The Hive was built in 2007 by KiCk3R. It is based from the film Resident Evil of the building "The Hive". An underground facility which operates Biological warfare. Your team were sent underground to shutdown "The Red Queen". Once complete, you have to get out of The Hive alive!

The new Hive contains tons of Extra content never seen before!

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