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Old 05-08-2012, 11:19 AM
MarioBava MarioBava is offline
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Default Hurray for Suppression! Some impressions.

Feel free to discuss and disagree with me!

Wanted to say yesterday's realism mode test, even though I was only able to join briefly before I had to go to work, left me thinking about suppression. First impression: The new suppression values are initially quite frustrating to be on the receiving end. Once you are under fire it feels like the game takes away your ability to fight back (please keep reading!). I can foresee that it will be frustrating to new players, and even to an extent the players familiar with RO2 now. Somehow I think we as a community and TWI as a developer need to make sure new players understand what follows below.

But! On second thought: I must say I think it's a great change to the game. Suppression works now. It's actually difficult to return fire, especially against semi-auto and full auto weapons. Because of this, covering fire/suppressive fire will actually work to cover friendly movements to a notable degree now. This establishes automatic weapons finally as not only deadly assault weapons, but also as the legitimate tactical tools that they should be. Also, the MG's are a presence on the battlefield, not just deadly but intimidating with a broader influence on what the MG's enemy is capable of. MG reloading is a crucial time now!

In addition to suppressive fire as a tactical tool being enhanced by the new values, we should also see an increased importance for flanking tactics. In order to take out enemy positions, now more than ever you need shooters who are in positions that are not currently under fire, which will require flanking or various coordinated tactics. I think even Snipers will become more important. This will be especially true for attack/defend maps.

So I want to say, Great job. This is one area of change I was skeptical of when I just read about people asking for it, but can now see a lot of worth in it, unlike many of the "Classic Mode" changes I've tried out (sorry Classic Mode fans, it's just my opinion). I had a poor sense of how weak the suppression actually was. I loved RO2 until now, and I knew RO2 had some room for improvement, but I am surprised by how much improvement the changes in this area brought.

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Old 05-08-2012, 05:06 PM
LordSteve LordSteve is offline
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I have tried it only a bit, and it feels a lot better than ro2 vanilla.
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Old 05-08-2012, 06:51 PM
Floyd Floyd is offline
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Personally, I didn't care for the uncontrollable twitch. I really couldn't tell how close or far away the bullet passed by me, so it often left me wondering, "wtf". One of the reasons I don't play DH is because of its overkill in suppression, imo. I never experienced anything like that.

Having said that.... I understand that its a video game and that there is a need to have a method that makes one want to find cover and instills a fear for one's well being. It does add another dimension to the game. Those under suppressive fire are simply going to have to wait for the suppressor to quit firing or enlist the aid of an unsuppressed teammate. I was determined I was going to take out the MP-40 that was suppressing me from 100m away, but I was routinely hit before I could squeeze off a good shot with my Mosin Nagant. I had to wait until he reloaded to get a shot off. So it is effective and works without being too grossly overbearing.
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Old 05-09-2012, 09:09 AM
Alphons Alphahane Alphons Alphahane is offline
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It is one of the best things that have happened to this game. During the beta event yesterday, I had the luck to play marksman on Fallenfighter(=endless fun). I covered the fountain from the Axis side. I picked off about 5 guys before one of them decided to return fire at my general direction with a DP-28. The suppression hindered me from making an accurate shot and he probably saved a couple of his comrades by suppressing me. Even though I was on the receiving end, it was awesome. Great work
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