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Old 05-01-2012, 10:59 PM
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Default Suggestions for the summer

hi everybody , i have been playing this game for a while now ,so that the annoying things i would like to be fix

respawn system is not great,getting tired of clicking the ready button,could you please get rid of it ,we should only have to click on respawn 1 or two and that s it!
because in one evening you have to do it a lot.
and respawn on squad leader works only once on ten times,ok sometime he is dead but not all the time

still sinking in the appartment map at the respawn zone,less than it used to be but still happening

the prone system not good too.can only prone in the open,as soon as closed to anything can t prone here,even in trenches unless you re exactly in the middle of it,then it happen,

we should be able to stop the reloadind at anytime ,especially for bolt gun, because dying while you are reloadind 6 bullets happen too often now, you can t shoot while doing so ,i understang for a machine gun or a submachine gun

different button for cover and picking up weapons that would be great too,i dont known how many time i couldn t picked up a weapon because it was too close to a wall or a box and when you really need to get that weapon,it is pretty annoying. instead your soldier take cover,in fairness i don t use it pretty useless,and you are half stuck as well , got me kill many times

aiming while you are closed to any objects is pretty awfull.especially at windows ,the aiming is disturb, the time you adjust your position ,you re dead and deploying machine gun or anti tank weapon is a total nightmare

would be nice if we could take off the count down too , we want to kill each other to the last man ,no you have so many minutes to take that position,not really realistic

and i don t understand why the ennemy can put some arty on respawn zone or be there waiting for the next respawn and kill everybody, that pretty unfair and stupid too, by the way that the only zone witch should be a protected area

i want to say that it is a fantastic game, the best shooting game so far ,for me anyway, but all those little annoying things should be sorted to make it even better

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Old 05-04-2012, 03:58 AM
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Every fix you mentioned is being worked on, i believe. Its almost as if you went to 5 threads and combined them.

Non the less, these really do need to get fixed. The only thing that bothers me is fallin through apartments, so frustrating and demoralyzing.

Keep the faith, watch the flanks, and push into the capzone.
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