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Old 04-15-2012, 11:23 PM
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Default RO2 PRO et CONTRA

Thats is my point of view.
Hi there, sometime ago i have got some time to spend and old 8800 GTS being able to me play RO2 on the 30-50 fps which still playble.
So, i'd like to make a little overview with the things i dislike in new RO2 and missing (which i really miss!).
But in beginning i m gonna say the things i like and dont wanna loose them at all.
-Surpressing bar seems to be ok. Someone says its strange, but i think its pretty ok cause it simulates the fear of the man who was doomed to die in worldwar. But i will be good if a few things will modify the degree of fear like less supressing when you just killed someone (its basic neurology things then there is no fear when you feel you did your job done like killed some enemy or just less attention on bullet storm when you concentrated on something else).
-New heavy weapons handling system is awesome. Now MG is easy to deploy and more hard to put on the windows. Also i like the new reloading system, but sometimes its looks like inaccurate to the real weapons, for example the SVT-40 realoading from clips. Basicly soldier have a couple of leather pouches filled the iron magazines, but there is no clips in that pouches at all, maybe it can be carried on the backpack, as i often can read in the memoirs of soviet soldiers, but its really make me sick then i see how the SVT reloaded at from the clips and from the magazines.
-New maps is history accurate.
-Game modes is evolution and there are no reason to change it.
-Animations of weapon carrying is nice.
-Scores for killing and teamwork looks very reasonably.
-Athmosphere is awesome.
-Shootings throu walls is realistic thing.

The things i dislikes:
-There is no ammo pouches to take from the dead bodies, its sooo lame and less hardcore. I can remember alot of hot moments in RO when it cost a live to me or my enemies. Now everyone is supersoldiers that cannot even loose the weapon in heat of battle.
-Class system in current edition. Its very strange to rob the bayonetts from infantry that was standart issued sidearm. Soldiers was trained for bayonett charge if the things goes wrong way or to make the same the hardy equiped infantry with the less equiped making no difference in close range with blades and almost no shooting.
-The MKB is very rare thing between the germans and how it can be ever filled with ammo (7.92x33) among the soviet soldiers then its avaible to the heroes?
-The PPSH drum magazine was more often then sector-type(no sure is it correct in english?) 35 rounds magazine. The only plus is reliability and maybe its more easy to hande. Each PPSH drum magazine was abit sawed to be ably to work with each PPSH, so some of the drums cannot be spared in combat

Pistols becomes more useless it ever was. There was a fun hack in RO - to drop the current out-of-ammo rifle or SMG while its reloading (which still able no to stop reloading, but just abandon it) and take the pistol.
Giving its to each soldier its making the game to be the CALL OF ORCHESTRA, not the loved one oldschool RO.
-Gimme P-08 back! There is no more charismatic pistol in WW2.
-C96 was used pretty rare, but by the both sides, but i dont ever think it was standard issued in wehrmach heer.
-There are also alot of of pistols, including Walther PP and PPK, also Sauer 38 and alot of them which can be teorethical found during stalingrad battle.
-The Nagant Relovier was wide-spread among the infantry - its no the shame to say that atleats that was one on the 10-15 soldiers. It good idea to give the sidearm to the soldiers which on top of scores for teamwork.

-I want the Mosin Carbine 38 back, its really often weapon on the soviet side, so why not?
-I dont know is the bayonett charge becomes pretty with one-attack-one-kill or less realistic. Its obviously the man who tooks the charge cannot use any weapon after that, but he doesnt die instanly. Maybe, give a chance to run without some primary weapon? Also soviet rifles is more long and the bayonetts also make them to range more then KAR98.
-Its totaly lost something than its very easy to kill the enemy while runing. One thing i had love in RO is ability to have eyecontact with your enemy while nor you, nor enemy soldier cannot attack until end of action (raise weapon, run, something else).
Now just no so much fun from close quarter.

There is more other issues i dont like i think, but i wanna ask why MOD-games is HAARDCORE and sales oriented is not? The RO mod named Darkest Hour is looks like something i d like to see more then RO2 cause it develope in awesome mode of awesome game evoultionary.
Thats all, folks.
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Old 04-17-2012, 06:42 AM
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I agree with your point, the game should be "HARDER", There is a new game mode on the way called RO CLASSIC, the idea is to make RO2 slow down a bit and make it harder. I don't know if that alone will do anything to save the player base, but, better than nothing i guess.
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Old 04-17-2012, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by bad_marksman View Post
-There is no ammo pouches to take from the dead bodies, its sooo lame and less hardcore. I can remember alot of hot moments in RO when it cost a live to me or my enemies. Now everyone is supersoldiers that cannot even loose the weapon in heat of battle.
This. I miss this.
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