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Old 04-14-2012, 06:06 PM
SpringChicken SpringChicken is offline
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Default Server name: =SASS= Red Orchestra - Fast Dedicated 24/7 Server

At =SASS= (Saturday and Sunday Soldiers) we recently got ourselves a Red Orchestra 1 server! It's running off a super quick dedicated server from multiplay hosting, so it gives good pings throughout Europe. It has a small amount of bots on for when the server is starting up and is configured with mapvote.

Server name: =SASS= Red Orchestra - Fast Dedicated 24/7 Server
IP address:

Gametracker page for the server:
Clan homepage:

Please add it to your favourites and help populate it! It already can start itself up with 5-6 people, and can get up to 15/16 players easily, but we would love it to be full all the time. We have two admins who play in the server regularly, but if one is not available, feel free to contact us on our teamspeak server:

Thanks very much,
=SASS= SpringChicken
Senior Admin

=SASS= SpringChicken15
Senior Admin
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