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Default Balanced superweapons

A balanced superweapon, by my understanding, mean a weapon that is extremely powerful, but has equally powerful drawbacks that balance it out. I hope these can fit the criteria.

Universal Cons

Need to be "deployed". Hold LMB for 4 seconds do do so. User is helpless during this process.

User is stationary during deployment.

Turnspeed is reduced to 75% and can only turn 90 degrees in either direction.

Exclusive to perks, cannot "off-perk"

Must be lvl 5 in order to wield it

Does not get bonuses from perks

No discounts either, weapon price is a flat 3500

Weigh 14 pounds, so only other weapon is 9mm

In order to move, must be "undeployed", takes 4 seconds.

Commando- Insert name here


Carries 7000 rounds

Does not need reload

Same DMG/bullet as AK-47, but with 4x the firing rate


Bar on left side of screen indicates overheat. If bar is filled, gun is disabled for 1:30 min. Since this gun is 14 pounds, that's bad. Has about 10 seconds worth of firing time.

Flesh Pounds and Scrakes gain resistance that turns AK damage to 9mm damage. So if 6 commandos think they can take one everything with tis gun, wish them luck.

Demolitions- B46 Meteor Call (Or another similar name)


Massive splash (think Fat Man) with enough damage to flatten an FP on 6-man suicidal upon direct hit


Minimum range is 10 metres. At that range, a lvl 6 Demo with 100 armor will be reduced to 10 hp and no armor

The mushroom cloud will obsure things heavily for quite some time.

Cannot be aimed like a missile launcher, as the weight of the missile will quickly bring it to the ground. Must be fired mortar style to be effective. This translates into useless indoors.

Sharpshooter- SD210 Zeus Cannon (or another arrancgement of words and numbers)


Instant death upon headshot. Patriarch has his health reduced by 1\3.

Adjustable scope, from 2x to 8x


Ammo is limited, only 20-25 rounds

Zero penetration due to HP rounds. That Stalker blocked your shot when you were aiming for that Scrake's noggin? That bullet is down the toilet.

Can only kill up to Gorefast with bodyshot. Must be headshot to be effective.


Medic- M46P Poison Gun.

Primary fire is standard SMG fire. Secondary fires a dart that does 200 damage over 20 seconds. Recharge is boosted by Medic perk.

A good offensive weapon for Medics. Before you say something like "Medics aren't supposed to fight" I would kindly point out that that doesn't seem to stop them. This is good as it allows a Medic to handle himself well in the event of a "You are the only one left" scenario, as well as probide general support to the team.

Also, maybe it would stop FPs and Scrakes from raging, so useful support as well.
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