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Old 03-13-2012, 04:26 PM
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Default RO: War Game

"Red Orchestra: WarGame" Project Trailer - YouTube

Red Orchestra: War Game

That's the name of a new project for the organized gameplay of RO:Ost for clans and free players.

It is going to be a turnament where Axis and Allies fight about Europe.
Right now we are in the Beta 1 phase where only the Eastern front is on our focus.
It will include RO1, the Carpathian Crosses and the Revenge of the Turul mod.

The task is: conquer sectors and try to defeat the enemy in their base sector: Berlin or Stalingrad.
This is the global map for the Beta 1 phase:
Each sector has one map. Only the bases have more maps.

You will experience the maps you might already know to death completely new: sometimes both sides will attack on Zhitomir, or Danzig is going to be defended by the Russians.

Here's the Forum where you can find everything about the project:

And here are the rules in English:
A German and Russian version is also available.

Clans can register over here, even if the project is already running:

A clan needs to decide if they take part on Allies or Axis side. Later on this cannot be changed.
You need at least 8 players, because 8vs8 is the minimum size of a match, 32vs32 the maximum.
You can also "borrow" players from the reserve.

Free players
The reserve consits of free players, who also need to decide for which side they are fighting. They can take part on only one match in a week.
Registration is possibile via this link:

We hope that more players and clans join the War Games.
In the Beta 2 phase we will include a ressource system. Clans earn credits for each sector they occupy. These credits can be spent on tanks, camouflage, uniforms and maybe weapons.

And after that we will enlarge the project to the Western front with Darkest Hour and Africa with Mare Nostrum.

Most important are active clans and players. But the project also needs mappes, who can change basic things like reinforcements, time, spawns and capzones.
We also need design and web artists for the new homepage and many pictures:

Any questions left? Well, feel free to ask here!

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Old 03-25-2012, 05:20 PM
feldmarschall feldmarschall is offline
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Two weeks have passed since the start of our project and we can see that the people show interest in our idea. Thanks for being with us. We will do big efforts to make the project as interesting and fascinating as possible for you.

Today our project receives an official update from version 1.0 to 1.1, and here are the changes that we made:

Global map:

3 new sectors and their maps are added
-GATCHINA (RO-7GTK_Gat'shina)
-PRIPET MARSH (RO-Pripet_Marsh1944)
-OREL (RO-Orel-Day3)


The following paragraphs are added/changed:
1.7 A player cannot support more than one participating clan at the same time.
4.6 (only for this beta phase) A clan can carry out defending battles for any territory he possesses and gets attacked. It doesn’t depend where his army is. If he wants help from an allied clan, this clan needs to be present in the sector.
4.13 A territory captured by more than one allied clan will belong to the clan whose players gathered the highest total scores during the battle. If both clans have the same score they have to solve this problem by themselves. In case they have no solution this sector becomes a neutral one.
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Old 03-27-2012, 06:32 PM
feldmarschall feldmarschall is offline
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Here's the map from the 28.3.12:

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Old 05-04-2012, 06:38 PM
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Default New adress

Our new adress:
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