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Old 03-15-2012, 05:56 AM
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Default Tips against patty?

Hi there,

been playing this game for a little while now.. First goofing around a bit and then I finished off all the maps on normal, now I'm playing mostly hard. Got one HEO:P My perks are 4 support, 4 ss, 4 med, 3 demo and the rest I generally don't play.

I've seen some of the quides and lists with strategy tips, but I feel that one point is largely skipped over in these, or I have missed it. What are generally good strategies against the patty? Sometimes I have a nicely organized team doing just fine, but it totally falls apart at the last wave. Ocassionally saved by a lone medic or berserker with a crossbow running circles with the patty for 15 minutes.

So what I want to hear is not "everybody get a chainsaw", or "Run circles with him with a crossbow", or "get zerker to lvl 6". But what is a nice setup as a team to have to take him down? And how to setup? Considering the real circumstances that you might have one or two lov lvls on the team and one or two guys who don't work well with the team. Let me give some examples of things I try for ideas to comment on.

I check out the composition of the team and adjust my class to that. I generally don't like seeing commandos, sharpshooters and firebugs at this point
I mostly play sharp or support. When I'm sharp I most often switch to demo for the patty wave, so I can buy a lot of pipes and the m32 for some dmg.
When I'm support I stay on support or switch to demo. I like to use the aa12 here, but most often I end up unloading it in his face and ending up dead a second later. It's maybe a bit too short range (Or I'm using it from too short of a range).
When I use pipes I cover off entrances and stairs/ narrow passages instead of making a big pile. Sometimes I stack two when there's a lot of pipes already on the ground. I heard that anything above two doesn't do a lot of damage, but then again I also heard that anything above 14 doesn't do more damage. So I'm not sure what's ideal.
I like to save one or two pipes to reseal an entrance, I don't see many people doing this.
I don't often die by his weapons as I've learned to recognice the voice commands. Most often it's him catching up to me while I'm running away, or just a big surprise up in my face.
When I'm left over as last person on the team, I die. I've never managed to get him down by myself, note that I'm sup or demo at this point so I'm slow and as a demo I'm not great when he closes in a bit.
Teams sticking together work best obviously, but using a bit of bait can work nicely. I often dance around on someone elses pipes.

So what I'm really looking for is some general ideas that are useful in typical situation instead of ideal situations. What's a nice compositions for a team to have? What weapons work nicely? What to do when it all goes south. How to solo when you have odd weaps/not a fast class. What to do when you're low on cash? etc.
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Old 03-16-2012, 09:07 AM
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When additional pipes go off simultaniously, each subsequent pipe deals about 7% less damage. So 3 pipes will deal 279% of a normal pipe's damage.
14x7 = 98%, so the 15th pipe bomb will only deal 2% of it's normal damage, and any after that will deal no damage. If pipes go off with maybe a second or so between them, they'll all inflict full damage on him.

Although I personally do what you do - stack 3-4 pipes in front of each unwelded door. It won't deal as much damage as if the pipes explode individually, but for me it's much easier to do (as if the door is unwelded, he'll have to stand adjacent to it to open it and the pipes will explode at close range. If the door is welded, he'll just rocket launcher it and destroy the pipes, so don't weld them xD).

AA12 seems to be the safest way I know to kill the Patty, short of Xsawing him to death. The AA12 has quite a small spread as well, and a low recoil, do don't be afraid of using it from medium range. This like most strategies, this seems to work best when you can get mulitple people with AA12s, as if you all open up together he can be dead before he's finished his stumble animation.

If you're holding out in a small office or something and he comes in through the door, at this point it can be useful to close and weld the door, as he'll have to stop and One In The Pipe to open it. At which point a zerker hitting him will stop him rocket launchering and he'll stop trying to escape.

You mention that you're slow... speaking for support, what I normally do is sell my other shotgun/weapons, and just take the AA and maybe some pipes. Fully loaded, the AA will have enough ammo to kill the Patty and any other smaller things you come across, and that'll put you on only 11-12 weight, which for a support is only about half-full (same as 7/15 for other classes).

Um. If he's about to fire at someone else, or heal or get stunned, throw your grenades at his feet. If you're a demo and good, you can throw the grenades at his feet at any time and explode them with a grenade launcher grenade. Other classes will need to wait until he's stationary to deal a lot of damage.

In terms of a nice setup for the team... IMHO every class has it's advantages for him. It's probably not worth taking more than one firebug, commando or berserker (Xsaw trick nonwithstanding), but one of them isn't bad (firebug can set him on fire to make him visible to allies when moving, commando can SEE a stealthed patty and see his HP bar, berserker can inturrupt his rocket launcher or chaingun animation with a melee hit, and move fast enough to catch him when he runs to heal).
But most classes apart from these work best when there're multiple players of that class. AA in his face works with more people. Heck, even crossbow works best with more people. I believe something like a 6 man suicidal sharpshooter L6 team with crossbows, all headshotting him simultaniously will instakill him. ofc this is impossible to pull off IRL, but shows how effective they can be.

Just a few thoughts.
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Old 03-19-2012, 02:58 PM
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Very useful points. I'm almost positive it's 7.5% and not 7% though, so just for the sake of correcting the maths component;

Originally Posted by Althamus View Post
When additional pipes go off simultaneously, each subsequent pipe deals about 7.5% less damage. So 3 pipes will deal 277.5% of a normal pipe's damage.
13 x 7.5% = 97.5%, so the 13th pipe bomb will only deal 2.5% of it's normal damage, and any after that will deal no damage. If pipes go off with maybe 3 (not sure?) seconds or so between them, they'll all inflict full damage on him.
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