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Old 03-16-2012, 10:57 AM
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Default $12,000 Scorched Earth Clan Tournament Finals!

Forgotten Honor together with Tripwire Interactive are happy to announce that our Red Orchestra 2 knockout tournament "Scorched Earth" has reached its international finals. The two finalists have battled through 5 phases over the last 3 months, including 64 clans from across the world, to make it to the Grand Final. And, with $12,000 in cash prizes at stake, as well as personal honor, the competition has been ferociously fought out to get to the final two - DoublePenetration for Europe and Team Chaos for the USA.

The finals will be played in two legs - one on a US server, the other on a European server. The first (US) one takes place this coming Sunday, 18th March, at 3pm Eastern/8pm Central European and can be viewed LIVE through Livestream (details can be found here: ), with commentary provided by Sam Reese of Crosshairs fame and John (Rammjaeger) Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive.

For more details on the contest, including the dates and the lists of the participants, head for the Scorched Earth web page at:

Servers provided by NFO Servers ( for the USA and Gaming Deluxe ( for Europe.
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Old 03-16-2012, 11:28 AM
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No disrespect to Team Chaos, who I am sure are nice people, but I am rooting for DP =). We truly enjoyed every second we played against you guys. Bring the trophy back to Europe guys! =)
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Old 03-19-2012, 05:13 AM
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GG Chaos.Recording was not again?
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Old 03-19-2012, 06:30 AM
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thanks found
double Penetration
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