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Release Candidate #1 is now done and uploaded:

Beta 2.0 -> Beta 3.0 complete changelog:


- Implented steam achievements.
- Engineer Class (only in survival)
- Added Unlockables (Nuclear Grenade, Sniper Upgrade, Nuclear Rockets, 
  Incendiary Bullets, etc).
- Added ranks (Advanced Gunner, Alliance Captain and Supreme 
  Commander), each one has 3 sub ranks (10 ranks total). 
- Added class customization: you can add available points to your liking in 
  additional health, run-speed and reload speed. Rank achievements now 
  gives more available points, instead of fixed amor and run-speed bonusses.
- Class choose menu is expanded with the ability to choose which grenade 
  you want to use. This is survival only and plasma bomb is still rocketeer 
  exclusive. This way players can select the nuclear grenade, and possibly 
  the incendiary bullets when they're unlocked.
- Added new (class specific) player skins!
- Added mechanic build text for ammoboxes aswell.
- Added rank in HUD.
- Added Path Whisp to show the direction to the Objective. This automaticly 
  shows when there is a new objective or when pressing 'O'.
- Added indicator when ammo is low, the indicator will be shown above all 
  nearby ammoboxes with metric distance.
- Added indicator for Mechanic and Engineer when a turret is low on health. 
- New Main Menu background.
- Added indicator above current objective in PvP.
- Implented code for statistics, how many kills and score per class, and how 
  many kills with each weapon, turret or grenade. Will be shown in new 
  stats/achievements GUI.
- Added rank progress bar in esc menu (only in survival).
- Added mass to the players.
- Added hud information for gunner to press use key to enter turret.
- Added missing weapon bring up sounds.
- Added bloody bullet hit effect.
- New firing sounds for P2-80 and GK-2.
- Added WestLondon port.


- Bots (and players) no longer spawn at the attackers side! 
- Serverfilter now uses DA2ServerFilters.ini, this solves the blah filter issues
  which comes with KF
- Fixed mechanic build text showing '(?)' instead of correct key bind.
- Fixed the scoring received for healing another player, caused by custom 
- Fixed healing another player hint message showing when self-healing 
  instead of another player.
- Fixed being able to reload while reloading.
- Fixed being able to throw a grenade while still in melee mode.
- Fixed weapon getting stuck when doing combo reloading/meleeing then 
  throwing a grenade.
- Fixed being able to shooting while still reloading the LK2.
- Fixed not being able to throw a grenade or shoot shortly after meleeing, 
  eventhough the animation was playing
- Fixed interrupting reloading on LK2, while on server the reloading 
- Fixed bullet hit sounds not working.
- Fixed weapon bring up sound playing not loud enough .
- Removed some wierd code which gave zero velocity when damaged by a 
  certain momentum; fixes flying corpses?
- Husk's projectile won't get you flying all over the map anymore.


- Specimen Survival got a major overhaul (everything has been reworked)!!
- Lowered Radar in HUD, so it doesn't clip with Survival HUD.
- Ammobox now refills all weapons!
- Pistols can now decap specimens heads
- After you die you will be forced to choose a class
- Increased runspeed for Siren and Bloat
- Motion blur has been greatly reduced.
- Thermite grenade now sets specimens on fire, radius is therefor reduced.
- Changed to minimal zombies spawned before patriach can show up, to 
  zombies spawned per player ... Set at default 100. 
- When difficulty 7 has been reached, the minimum procentage before the 
  patriach will be spawned will be changed to the max, 25%, no matter what
  it was in lower difficulties. 
- Spawn protection is zero in Survival
- Rocket launcher dmg boosted, 300 per rocket now, equal to grenades.
- Rocket launcher does less splash damage (400 > 250)
- Damagetypes now extend to KF damagetypes.
- Players have loads more armor in PvP (Rocketeer 70%, Rifleman 60%, 
  Mechanic 40%, Medic 30%, Gunner 20%, Sniper 0%)
- Sniper Rifle in PvP is boosted because of armor increase. Will take 2 to 4 
  hits to kill a player, depanding on class. Headshot is still fatal.
- Because medic got armor now, selfhealing is reduced from 5 to 2 health 
  per sec.
- Updated player skins, armor parts on rifleman and rocketeer now have 
- Shotguns have new tracers, similair to the KF ones.
- Increased specimens health slightly.
- Decreased damage done by specimens.
- Difficulties have been partly renamed.
- Reduced damage slightly on shotgun projectile (20>18)
- Updated loading screens for Bridged and WestLondon.
- Changed the customization points from linear to cumulative increased, this
  will result in max 50 in one bonus skill, or 26 in all three (or another 
  combination), when the highest rank has been reached. 
- Customization points have changed to 1 per use, instead of 5. One 
  customization points is worth 10, 8, 6, 4 or 2 points within the skill 
  bonusses, depanding on the amount already put in one bonus.
- Reworked difficulty damage levels for specimens.
- Reworked champions health.
- Removed low-health danger corners from Hud, because it sometimes got 
- Sniper rifle in survival now has projectile bullets, which can penetrate.
- Sniper rifle in survival has a new bullet trail, which works better online.
- Updated HUD (draws names, healh and rank above players in survival)
- On the sniper rifle you can now unzoom at all time.
- Footstep sounds are more clearly now.
- A gunner who is operating a turret will now stand besides the turret, 
  though, he cannot be damaged individually.
- Melee is alt-fire now, meaning right mouse button does melee.
- Zooming/Ironsights is now middle mouse button.
- You can now unzoom your weapon (sniper) at all times.
- Corpses no longer fall through the floor after a couple seconds.
- Altered some settings in player karma.
- Champions now have their own base health, they should now have more
  accurate health.
- All pistols and rifles do less headshot damage, headshotmultiplier goes 
  from 3 to 2.
- Shotguns have 5% damage boost, and instead of 1.5 headshotmultiplier
  they have 2 now.
- Sniperrifle now has headshotmultiplier of 3.

- Updated Maps:

 -> -BlackGold, specimens should not get stuck behind things anymore, 
     -Added additional zombie spawns in the mountains. 
     -Added additional anti-ammobox/turret volumes to prevent exploiting.

 -> -Triumph1, added additional zombie spawns on the bridge. 
     -Tunnel has been reworked with more cover for attackers. 
     -Added additional anti-ammobox/turret volumes to prevent exploiting. 
     -Fixed stuck spot (sandbags at tunnel area).

 -> -Triumph2, fixed zombies getting stuck as much as possible, 
     -zombies now come over the walls aswell. 
     -Added additional anti-ammobox/turret volumes to prevent exploiting. 
     -Preventing players from getting on top of the bunkers on Triumph2 (extra fall damage). 
     -Fixed specimens not jumping properly over the wall on Triumph2.

 -> -Bridged, major update in atmosphere, this improved fps. 
     -Fixed zombies getting stuck as much as possible. 
     -Dock area is now locked, only the bridge is playfield now. 
     -Added additional zombie spawns.
     -Added additional anti-ammobox/turret volumes to prevent exploiting.

 -> -West London, Fixed zombies getting stuck as much as possible. 
     -Reworked player and zombie spawns. 
     -Added additional anti-ammobox/turret volumes to prevent exploiting. 

Note: This changelog doesn't contain all the changes and fixes made 
inbetween each update. This is a general changelog from Beta 2.0 until Beta 
3.0 RC1.
Download can be found here.

DefenceAlliance 2 for Killing Floor - Official Steam Group - Download latest test version

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