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As has been pointed out we take the cheating threat very seriously, and have seen several games tank in the past year not because they were bad games (some were very enjoyable), but because their multiplayer environment was destroyed within weeks by cheaters.

We have listened to our community and others about what they want from an anti cheat environment and with that in mind we designed our current plan.

*VAC will be available for all servers and turned on by default.

We know some have had (and some still do have) problems with Punk Buster and with that in mind we are working with Even Balance to address that situation. Our current plan has PB implemented in three stages.

*Stage 0: Off
*Stage 1: Access to the server screenshot functionality and streaming bans
*Stage 2: Standard PB protection that WILL NOT interfere with Steam (and the overlay)
*Stage 3: Full PB that WILL (most likely) kick for the steam overlay

Server admins can work with these to decide what anti cheat environment works best for their server. And players will be able to filter for those settings as well to find servers that fit their preferences.

But remember, the greatest tool against cheaters is an active community both reporting cheaters (to Steam with the built in report function, and PB Bans) as well as forwarding any cheats they can get their hands on to any of the parties involved (ourselves which is preferable as we can get it to all the others quickly, EvenBalance and the VAC Team).
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