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Default Killing Floor Twisted Christmas IN SPACE is here!

Twisted Christmas Event
The Killing Floor Christmas event is back for a limited time with an all new low gravity map!

Event Details
  • Free for everyone that owns Killing Floor - auto downloaded through Steam.
  • All new level, Moonbase, Horzine's Evil Santa has gone all the way to the moon, taking his little friends with him.
  • Replaces all specimens with Christmas themed monsters
  • 3 All New Weapons:
    Schneidzekk Medic Gun,
    Zed Eradication Device - Find all pieces during the event to unlock,
    Dwarfish Axe - Earn enough gold in Dwarfs!? Free-2-Play, or buy the full game
  • Cosmetic Weapon Pack DLC: gold-plated AK, Combat Shotgun, Katana, and M79
  • 9 all new achievements. Four of which are only available during the event
  • Return of the Baddest Santa playable character unlock
  • “D.A.R” purchasable playable character DLC

Other Changes
  • The 'Informative Scoreboard' mutator by FluX has been integrated in the game
  • The 'Specimen Kill Messages' mutator by Marco has also been added
  • Berserker weapon balance changes
  • Added a stop refresh button to the server browser while a refresh is active.
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