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Default Ask the Iron Front: Liberation 1944 team your questions

[I know that there already is an existing Iron Front thread, but I'd like to create a new thread for this special opportunity offered to the RO community, so it doesn't "perish" between new posts in the Iron front thread ... if this was wrong, I apologise and kindly ask a mod to merge this thread with the IF thread]

Hi there,

as some of you may know will publish an interview with Steffen Trombke, Project Leader of Iron Front, in a few weeks (*click me*). Since the ArmA/OFP community may be interested in other aspects of the game than the Red Orchestra community, Patelaros Vasileios (aka "Panzer_Baron"), Art Director of the Iron Front team, kindly offered me the possibility to interview him in the name of the Red Orchestra community.

Therefore I ask you to send me your questions concerning Iron Front. You can send them via PM, Steam or just post them here, so I can answer questions that have already been answered in the Deepsilver forums and everyone can see. I'll collect your questions and publish the interview as soon as possible.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 will be released on May 25th 2012 and will be available on Steam and retail stores.

Best regards,


Have you already heard about the unofficial Iron Front: Liberation 1944 steam group? Feel free to join:

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