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Videos/Screenshot Section


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012

Doesn't really count as a screenshot or video,but I thought I would share the Foster cosplay I wore today at the Retro Made in Asia in Belgium. Funnily enough,the hardest thing to find was the tie...

(Not the best photo that could be done,but the best I've found. I'm being 3D-scanned in case you're wondering )

(I also had a few piles of dosh I threw at people. The ones who picked them up got a free hug )
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 8, 2015
David Alberts is my favorite character he has some interesting quotes but i like this one the best. "Put on armor of God so you may stand the evil that is to come."



FNG / Fresh Meat
May 6, 2012
Sharing a video of patty

Sharing a video of patty

a days ago i was playing with friends doing achivement(suicidal) an we was able to kill the patty on 40 seconds(no healing patty chance)

here i will share the video


i will invite you people to share videos(playing with friends or something)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 30, 2015
OK boys and girls. Time to educate us.... why did Kev go down so damn fast?


Comments in the video please (also sub if you haven't done already, thanks!)
It's quite possible that he never made it out to go heal, (i.e. he started but due to killing his children he came back to target the players that were killing or his AI got stuck on the player near the cars and so Patriarch decided to run the opposite direction).

In either case his health was below 2625 and let's say at 0:21 he was already beginning to run you landed 7 shots 150*1.16*.8*.7=682 (1942 remaining). Then you proceeded to hit him with 9 more shots (876 so 1066 remaining). This leaves the last player with the task of chipping off 1066 with an AA12. If that is offperk, that's 11 shots required to cover that.

What I'd say happened here is you guys got extremely lucky with Pat not running off to heal and instead coming back and engaging you guys, resulting in a quick kill.