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TOTAL new game idea: Rising storm KOREA WAR


Grizzled Veteran
Mar 25, 2011
Qingdao, Shandong, China
Game type: asymmetrical PVP, capable of SP scenarios from BOTH camps

2 camps which are US and Chinese with absolutely different playstyle

Every person has 2 slots to carry a primary weapon and a pistol. The primary weapon can be either M1 garand/M1A1 Thompson/BAR/M1912 shotgun/M1903 sniper/M20 bazooka. The secondary weapon can be M1911A1. (Welcome for ideas)
Weapon ammunition status can be same as Call of Duty World at War. 20/200 for Thompson and 6/60 for M1912, etc.
Every person carry 4 grenades.

Note: All US weapons only come with a melee bash (not a takedown)! The bazooka cannot bash!

Special: A US soldier could held down an enemy for a melee kill, but this can be a dead trip by martyrdom skill of the Chinese. This action take about 3 seconds and one need to get up from floor after done.
A US soldier could FALL on a grenade ,sacrificing himself but preventing multikills.

Only one slot for primary weapon, No pistols. (Normal Chinese soldiers don't carry them as a habit.)

The primary weapon can be Arisaka Bayonet/PPSH/DP28/Type 31 mortar 60mm. (Inspired by knee mortar of RS)
Weapons are extremely low on ammo. 5/10 for Arisaka and 71/71 for PPSH, 4 shells for mortar, etc.
Every person carry 4 grenades. (The Chinese is low on everything EXCEPT the grenade!)

SPECIAL: The mortar and DP28 cannot bash, the PPSH come with a melee bash, but the Arisaka is capable of a TAKEDOWN as in Far cry 4!
Takedown: A soldier with bayonet may ran at an enemy and press V to takedown him, this allows further handgun takedown/chain takedown/martyrdom.
(Playing Far cry 4 would help understand the takedowns)
Handgun takedown: Press RMB while performing takedown to pull pistol of the enemy for fast shots. Remember that Chinese don't have pistols!
Chain takedown: Press WSAD corresponding to a nearby enemy while performing takedown for a chain takedown.

Martyrdom (Chinese only): press MMB when facing a nearby enemy to held him down and PULL a grenade for a dead trip.
Press MMB during takedown at another nearby enemy for a helddown and pulling grenade.
Note: Martyrdom can be done on any chinese (no bayonet required) but can only be preformed with at least 1 grenade in hand!

The game is typically a fake PVE with US as P and Chinese as E. (Inspired by Killing Floor 2) The game could be a TD with spawn limits.(Like battlefield 2) Chinese has more spawn points than the US.
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Grizzled Veteran
Jul 13, 2013
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Sounds like a lot of suggestions out of BF game and do not carry any real gameplay enhancement. If you are playing RO2 or RS2, pay more attention to the core of the gameplay, not takedowns.