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Teamkill issues


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 21, 2018
- Huey should not be able to fire the side door guns on landing pad. Reason is, ive encouter combat pilots mad about not getting the cobra first, so instead they ran into the huey, use the side door gun, kill me and my teamate in order to steal the cobra. this happen playing An Lao Valley but im pretty sure this apply to some others maps.

- Commander should not receive any teamkill penalty after the thrid salvo of artillery, at that point I feel like in most case its your teamate who are responsible for their own death by running inside the barrage.

- Crashing any chopper should not result in teamkill, most of the crash are cause by damage rotor/engine, cause by VC. Its unfair to get Teamkill penalty for that. What should actually be done is when getting shot at and having damage instruments there should be some kind of invisible timer that give the kill to the one guy who cause those damage. Wich is the main reason you just crash. This will also make using the dskh more rewarding.
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