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PC 5hours deep thoughts.


Oct 23, 2019
So far really enjoying the game only had one crash and a lucky auto save occurred just before it. So pretty smooth experience overall.

Some Pros.
Combat feels better then it looked in live streams, very happy with the mechanics/gamplay.
Also happy to report so far haven't had to use mutation. I am running all organ upgrades with vampiric jaws so my sharks looks as she should at level 28. Have also tested it on a sperm and works great.
Visuals and animations are great.
Keyboard and mouse feel great, honestly better then I thought they would. Just had to turn up the mouse responsiveness.

Not to much to report, very happy with the game. Had one crash as mentioned before.
I do wish there was a hardcore mode with perma death. And I think you could have spaced out the sharks growth/levels more. As I found myself turning into a elder at 26(dont want to spoil anything)Xp is a little to easy to get.

As a base game to build on I think the team did fantastic.
Please consider a hardcore mode with perma death, it would add alot of reply ability and make speed runs more enjoyable.

Thanks for the awesome game great work team.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 22, 2020
Just finished the game 100 percent but never got the trophy for queen of the ocean... Is there something I'm missing with the "after party" or is it bugged?


Active member
Mar 20, 2020
I've only had one crash as well, no clue if it was random or triggered by something. I can't even remember what part of the game it was when it crashed. Maybe I was fighting some coast guard?

I am stuck facing off a Level 50 Coast Guard Diver ship right now. Well, not stuck, that's just where I died and left it as I have to ready myself for work.

I seen a few reviews and they were placing the game around 6 out of 10. I think the game deserves at least an 8 or 9.

I know alot of people, specifically big nake youtubers don't give a damn about these unique kind of games. Mostly they just treat smaller games as a joke, it's even worse when people who don't love sharks or don't know anything about them review the game and act as if they know what they're talking about.

I've come to peace with the fact that some people just won't get it, all the story and lore stuff won't be appreciated because they're not like us bro. Seeing that less than 1% have 100% completed the game tells me that most people are probably zooming by the story and not taking it in as intended.

I'm still hoping the game does well enough for a sequel. It would be a damn shame if this gem doesn't get the respect it deserves but at the same time, I wouldn't at all be surprised. The anti-Epic peeps on Steam are trolling hard too, trying to convince people on why not to buy on any platform.