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KF2 New Classes


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 20, 2015
Texas, USA
- Scoped .45-.50 cal pistol
- M14 or M16
- Higher Cal DMR
- .50 cal sniper rifle
I would like this class for taking down say scrakes but I understand it'd be pointless in single player as you can't very well sit still there but in mp it'd be really nice since I'm a good marksman with medic weapons but I want something a bit single shot not 1-3 burst when I try firing. It'd be nice to be able to cover people well like berserkers.

Mower (Temp name I can't think of anything for it)
- Burst or Full auto pistol
- Light Machine Gun
- Minigun (1 clip 500 rounds require spin-up(right click keeps spinning without using ammunition))
Great for groups or big guys but bulky can't sprint with Minigun and have it weigh 15 so only weapon for balance
have the grenade spray bullets like from Code Geass the Chaos Mine (google it)

- Wakizashi (shorter range katana same power)
- Katana
- dual tanto?
- Flaming or Electrically charged Katana?
Just a thought second melee class I think it'd be nice but meh up to you guys
have faster swing speed per level? Faster movement speed? And great against Clot Slashers and the sword weilders?

- Slingshot (tiny explosive shells?)
- Short bow (flaming arrows)
- Crossbow (flaming arrows or poison arrows)
- Long bow with explosive tips (change firemode between flaming arrows and explosive? (seperate ammunition))
Just an Idea would be nice to have :D
lvl 5 perk recover ammunition? (arrows) or more amunition
if you want more ideas I have some more I can talk to my friends about
such as perk levels and buffs per class etc
I had more class Ideas but those need a little more thought


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Well,the samurai idea seems to be the future martial artist perk, while the marksman is clearly a sharpshooter wannabe...

I don't think we need a whole perk revolving around bows and arrows ,but I'd certainly like to see at least one! It could be a nice sharpshooter weapon (or a demolitions one if the arrows are explosive-tipped)

As for the mower perk... Once again, I'd love to see a machine gun somewhere! But either make a whole perk using machine guns (as I already suggested in another topic) or give one to the commando. And to be fair,on a skill tree perspective,I don't see what could be done...


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 4, 2018
I do like your idea for the samurai perk class. You could combine it with the Archer, and make them melee and medium distance. Every perk needs something other than melee weapons so it might for with a samurai or a japanese soldier class. They use bows and arrows and also the swords and knives. Here are some of my ideas, I'm a new fan of the game and have realized I would like to see some improvements or a new game altogether. Zombie games rock!!!

WOULD DEFINITELY LOVE TO SEE SOME throwing knives, either on a new class, like the KNIFE specialist or something. Or have martial arts perk class with all the weapons, start with karate kicks for melee, weapons: knives to throw, swords, chucks, the tiger claw things, add throwing axes.

Add on ideas:
__more bosses__ more maps__ more weapon customiz.__ maybe choice of scope or ammo for some of the top money weapons, chances to unlock weapon customizing after a certain perk level. ___MORE WEAPONS, NEVER ENOUGH AND NEVER ENOUGH CUSTOMIZING TO DO__ from colors to ammo types, to add ons like scopes, fast mags, underbarrel items, also like Tom Clancys the DIVISION. that's why people play games for so long is the choices and choices that make it not boring as heck

___throwing knives, axes and other weapons,__secondary melee for some weapons, like pistol whip, bayonet, 2hand swing.
Samurai warrior perk, martial arts and knives swords and bows.
make them come a little easier, make a way to obtain 1 key per week, like play a match Every day for the week and completed the weekly.
Weapon skins, need more and need to make the crafting system much different. See Tom Clancy the division for some cool ideas on how to keep players playing and leveling and getting new rewards, otherwise people will stop playing, it's just human nature
New modes for survival, king of the hill, etc. Like the call of duty multiplayer ****.
In game power ups and purchases for multiplayer. Get damage multipliers or health additives, make them drop a bit more frequently, more gun drops, more armor drops, more ammo drops,___

This game has a ton of potential, just needs a bit of a better leveling and rewarding system. We need a reason to keep playing even after leveling up, and why level up if you hardly get any changes? Why he otherbperks? More , we need more!! Maybe a few new maps and another boss or 2.