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KF Fan Art


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 22, 2012
Just a little bit of fan art I've done for Killing Floor. I'll change this up with the fully finished one once my scanner stops spitting pages at me when I turn it on. XD

I'll post the others up when I get them done. Have a commission or two in the works as well as my degree as an Art Major that comes first sadly.

-Killing Floor Fan-Art-
This is just the list of the characters I tend to use when I'm in a themed mood when playing a specific class. Usually I just go about as Shadow Ferret or Agent Wilkes [Or the SAS skin on the Wolfpack Clan Server].

I don't have someone for the medic... so I may just do myself as it. Oooooor.. if anyone would like to suggest a character, please do.

Steampunk Mr.Foster ~Support Specialist
Shadow Ferret ~Sharpshooter
Steampunk DJ Skully ~Commando
The [Red] Pyro ~Firebug
Lance-Corporal Lee Baron ~Demolitions
DJ Skully ~Berserker

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