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Ion Thruster = Headshots/Crits?


May 20, 2009
Someone had the new Rhinos and the Ion Thruster so I could try them this weekend.

Rhinos were cool, I feel like sometimes they compensate for bad aim with the ricochets still headshotting luckily, but that's ok maybe, whatever - they don't feel too powerful so that's probably fine, if not even unfortunate.

Ion Thruster felt kind of broken though. I am almost tempted to call it "OP," but I guess its relatively small weakness is large zeds where none of the attacks are overly effective - even the "charge" attack which I feel like should be more powerful probably. It provides instant fall-down for scrakes (not sure about FP), but still its damage doesn't feel great.

What's broken IMO is random "critical hits" all over the place. As if berserker wasn't already a somewhat low-aim class, random spamming of light attacks would display "crits/headshots" all over the place, and even repeatedly? I don't know how to describe it, it felt veryh weird. Maybe that's on the technical side how the weapon works? Not necessarily increased damage, but increased critical hit "area" or something?

This is most visible with custom headshots - I have the dosh ones turned on, so you could see dosh signs popping up all over the place while light attacking. At the end of the (long/hard) game, I had like ~550 headshots with berserker on the stats screen and at "first place"... basically what...

I will see if I can find the match in my videos, I stream. I'll post it later today.


Active member
Feb 4, 2010
I love the Ion Thruster for headshotting bloats. It's got the reach range of the Hemoclobber. You do still have to be fast to do those headshots with it. As far as normal attacks it's a bit underwhelming. You get a faster kill rate with the katana's normal attack and with the hemoclobber. Plus the hemoclobber can hit multiple targets in a standard attack and kill them all (normal sized zeds).