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Hardcore Ruleset Mutator


Dec 13, 2014
Find it here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1846593734

The "Hardcore Ruleset" mutator is a collection of gameplay tweaks geared towards hardcore players.
It is a combination of "More Damage V2" and the now defunct "Classic Mutator" .

Features include :

- Weapon damage is now based on multipliers :

You deal reduced damage to the legs and arms.
You deal more damage to the chest.
You instant-kill to the vitals.

This results in overall lower TTK, without skewing weapon balance in favor of intermediate caliber weapons.

- Increased suppression

Due to lower panic tresholds, players are overall more susceptible to suppression.
This makes it easier to suppress your enemies - or be suppressed.

- Reduced weapon zoom across the board

Aiming down the sights of your weapon will zoom the player's view a lot less than before.
Smart usage of camouflage and foliage is now even more rewarding, as well as reducing the frequency of long distance deaths.

- Introduced bracing mechanic for heavier LMGs

Players can no longer line up the sights of heavier machine guns unless deployed on a bipod.
When trying to aim down the sights, the weapon will be placed in a braced stance, similar to that of folded stock weapons.

This change affects the DP-28, the M1919A6 and the RP-46.

- Footsteps are silent when walking

Aiming down the sights or holding down the "Walk" button will make player footsteps completely silent. This opens up a lot of new possibilities for flanking - especially in Skirmish mode - as well as empowering players with new noise management options.
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Jun 12, 2017
I fully support this mod being whitelisted.

My community's server began in part because of our passion for the predecessor mods to this, "More Damage" and "Classic Mutator". Since the "bug" was fixed that made it such that you could not run these mods without proper whitelist approval, a lot of our veteran players have started fading away and becoming less and less active or completely inactive, many of them will say that without being able to play with these kinds of mods, they have no passion to play rs2.

I know other servers intend on enabling this Hardcore Ruleset upon whitelisting. Please, please, please make it a reality!