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Green Army Men Update 1.1 - Back To School

The 1.1 patch adds six new weapons and a brand new map to the Green Army Men DLC

General changes :
  • Various adjustments to weapon balance
  • Added six new plastic weapons
  • Added a new map : GMTE-Sandbox2019
Detailed changes :

Weapon balance adjustments :
  • Adjustments to ironsight magnification amount across all weapons.
Short range weapons now share the same reduced magnification when aiming down the sights. Rifles, Machine Guns and precision weapons retain higher magnification.
    • Slightly decreased base accuracy
    • Moved sights closer to player view
    • Slightly reduced muzzle climb
    • Increased base damage for 00 Buckshot and No4 Buckshot
    • Greatly reduced pellet spread on Trench and StakeOut variants
  • SMG
    • Improved reload speed
    • Increased accuracy while firing from the hip
    • Improved reload speed
    • Reduced ammo capacity for Smoke variant :
      • Reduced HE grenades by 2
    • Reduced pellet spread for Buckshot payload
Added SIX new weapons for both factions :
    • 7.62 Rifle for the Rifleman and Radioman roles.
Self-Loading rifle that brings extra punch to the table, at the cost of added bulk and lack of fully automatic fire.
    • 7.62 Machine Gun for the Machine Gunner role.

Light Support Weapon that trades magazine size for mobility.
The alternate firing mode improves shot grouping by lowering the rate of fire.
    • .30-cal Carbine for the Combat Engineer role.
Lightweight carbine available as an alternative to the SMG.
The cartridge used by this weapon sports surprising power retention over long distances.
    • 9mm Submachine gun for the Pointman and Radioman roles.
Compact variant of the Assault Rifle designed for operations in cramped environments, such as anthills or dollhouses.
    • 12gauge Pump-Action Shotgun for the Sniper role.
Accurized variant of the Shotgun that fires high-velocity saboted slugs from a rifled barrel. Comes equipped with a High Magnification Scope.
    • 7.62 Rifle for all special roles!
High-power Bolt-action rifle.The haphazardly sawed-off stock makes this weapon compact enough to be carried as a sidearm.

Introducing GMTE-Sandbox2019 :
    • Brand new Territories map, available for free!

  • The kids are back to School and we all know what that means : the fight for the playground commences.
Battle your way across the Sandbox as the children take their tests inside the classroom.

The sand buckets have become your bunkers, and the leftover popsicle sticks from art class will now build the fortress that you cling to in this epic battle of Schoolyard dominance.

Whether you fly the choppers or call in the napalm rockets onto the final castle objective, there can be only one King of the Sandbox. Going Back to School has never been this fun.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support.
The Green Army Men Team.