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First time player for Xmas! Fun! But some suggestions?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 25, 2019
Awesome stealth game! I really just have, what I feel, are a few small things that would go a long way for this game.

Checkpoints - I know scoring is important, so this may not be possible. But when I'm playing a stealth game, if I am found, i like to restart at a checkpoint. I was playing for the first time, going through the first level. Got to the point where I'm up in some rafters in this big open room with like 3 enemies down below. I lured one by throwing a construction cone. Attempted to drop down on another, then wanted to turn and shoot his friend. But when I dropped down... he just didnt react to it, turned around and started shooting me. lol. Partly my fault, so I instinctively hit Restart in the menu. Thinking it would maybe take me to a previous room. I went all they way to the very beginning voiceover opening! Again, that's partly on me and my preferences. But I just assumed it was there like other games.

When I attack someone, it just doesn't feel "good". There's nothing violent or visceral about it. I don't feel "Cool", which is the intention for VR! Sounds are lacking as well. I wanna hear some bones crunching!

Anyway i'd be curious to yalls feedback or what ya think on these subjects. I was streaming while playing, and really didn't wan't to restart the game over. And I just didn't "Feel" like i was doing anything cool, it didn't feel immersive or have good feedback. Might pick it back up in the next few days. Thanks for your time and efforts!
@GingerNParadise Thanks for your suggestions and feedback and sorry it took so long to get back to you!
Checkpoints: The game saves a checkpoint every time you go through an airlock. When pressing "RESTART" we could add a window that lets you restart from checkpoint or from the beginning.

Attacking people: We can definitely think of ways we can make this cooler for players. Hope you've been enjoying the game since Christmas :)