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KF End of Game Statistics


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 22, 2015
In a lot of games, people often try to kill the trash mobs in order to gain a better score, rather than helping teammates out on larger mobs or just helping teammates in general. Maybe a way to fix this, and just a cool thing to have overall, would be a set of statistics that would pop up at the end of a game? Such as

  • Overall Damage
  • Amount Healed
  • Total Headshots
  • Fleshpound Kills
  • Scrake Kills
  • Whoever Got The Final Hit on The Boss
  • (Any other amount of kills for a certain mob)

The only problem I see is that well, it's a lot to be recorded for a game and could be a pain in the butt(Keeping it PG). That, and people could be tempted to reserve their ammo to get the last hit on the fleshpound/scrake. Maybe the fleshpound/scrake kills should be determined by whoever got the largest percentage of damage? I don't know, I'm shooting ideas and I wanted to hear feedback.