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Does RS2 have a future? Is there a roadmap on the way?


Jun 12, 2017
Are there plans for any kind of roadmap or update to RS2? Obviously, RS2 is nearing the end of its development cycle, but surely there must be more still coming down the pipe? There was talk of M113's, placeable ammo points, the MG34 is even in the game modelled but not yet imlemented.

There has been a lot of silence lately across all communication streams, and myself and many many many people are concerned that this could mean bad things for RS2 and its future.

Are there plans to have a news post or roadmap in the near future? A lot of people are starting to get the impression that development of RS2 has halted due to the silence. Some sort of communication would go a long way in restoring people's hopes for RS2.


Active member
Jul 18, 2006
Addition of the M113 and tanks like the M48, PT-76, Type59 and Centurion would be a velcome addition to the game, and more fixed heavy weapons such as recoilless rifles or mortars as well.
Also artillery/mortar smoke to help maneurvre in front of the enemy is seriously needed on some maps.