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December 14th "What We Are Up To"

December 14th "What We Are Up To"

  • Realism Mode: No unlocks/upgrades

    Votes: 116 10.8%
  • Realism Mode: More changes to game play in this mode (sway/speed/fatigue, ie: More realistic)

    Votes: 511 47.6%
  • UI: Improved Commander system (removing arty targets from map, more )

    Votes: 8 0.7%
  • UI: Improved notifications (pop up vote system, visual/audio feedback of votes, more)

    Votes: 9 0.8%
  • General: Enhanced Game play (work on spawn systems/protection/game modes)

    Votes: 95 8.8%
  • Missed launch functionality: Coop

    Votes: 35 3.3%
  • Missed launch functionality: Online Campaign

    Votes: 52 4.8%
  • Missed launch functionality: Additional Clan/Server/Client Functionality

    Votes: 27 2.5%
  • Changed/Improved Features: Bleeding, bandaging

    Votes: 33 3.1%
  • Changed/Improved Features: Limb Deactivation on Damage

    Votes: 50 4.7%
  • Changed/Improved Features: Improved squad system (interface, functionality)

    Votes: 83 7.7%
  • Tanks: Reduced max tank limit (Improved tank stability/functionality and additional map content)

    Votes: 55 5.1%

  • Total voters


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 5, 2011
That's truth. Too bad that also last known location of many RO players are such games like Battlefield, ArmA 2, Heroes and Generals, World of Tanks etc.
Some of them returned to Darkest Hour and Ostfront too, where they can play real RO.
Sadly i'm one of these guys,but it's not my foult,i've waited so many years for what???Uber Soldier???NEVER!!After this pool i'm waiting for the big patch,if it's a total modification failiure i will dezinstal RO2 and never play again.But i'm a paicient guy,will see what is going to hapend,best of luck!
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Papa Lazarou

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 4, 2011
Indeed, but from where else does the feedback come? Polls like these - especially since TWI started it - plus other threads on these forums, form the main bulk of RO2 feedback. Sure, you could take comments made in reviews into account, but I think when you compare "1000 people with something to complain about" to "a few reviewers who generally don't have a clue", you're going to get your best data from the forums.

Granted, the 100 people voting might not actually be actively playing the game right now - but the number of voters is still quite impressive, and I can't see where TWI will get better feed back on where to go next.
Agreed, this is the only and the best way to try and reach to players. It's also great that TWI does this because most devs wouldn't.

You must keep in mind that a lot of these (us) so called RO Vets have been members of the forums for years and were highly supportive of TWI and had high hopes for ROHOS. We are just disappointed in some ways about the game. The fact that some are still here making suggestions says a lot.

Also keep in mind that most of us making these suggestion only want to change the Realism mode (or add a better one) and we do not want to alter the gameplay for the rest of you. I will repeat that... we do not want to alter the gameplay for the rest of you. Some people wanting the game to stay the same always seem to miss that point :D
I can understand that. And I'm not against realism mode being more like the original RO, I would most likely keep playing that mode even when it's changed.

But all I'm trying to say is that TWI shouldn't go and exclusively work on improving the realism mode because that has such a massive number of votes.
I would like to see a bit of everything on the poll really. If they only focus on Realism mode and not stuff like adding new content, new gamemodes, ... (things that didn't receive much votes & also things that improve the longevity of the game) than I think I would quit this game. Not because I don't like Realism mode (I play it too) but because I (and I think everyone) would lose interest after a while.
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Papa Lazarou

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 4, 2011
I mean even removing stuff (Realism Mode: No unlocks/upgrades) has more votes than adding new content: WTF!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Falmouth UK
You should first fix things and then focus on adding new stuff. TWI will make new content anyway, since the people creating content are different folk from those making game fixes.

As game fixes are mostly in the code department, and new content is in the modelling and mapping department mostly.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 23, 2011
I voted realism mode no unlocks/upgrades.

Although I don't necessarily believe unlocks/upgrades should be removed completely. I would be satisfied with an option for the player to chose which unlocks they want to use at any given time.

I would also vote the realism sway etc option, especially regarding nerfing the speed with which you can bring a gun into firing position from sprinting, and the ramboing of mgs currently going on.

This is not because I don't want new stuff added to the game. I want that very much, but it is crucial that the stuff that is already in the game gets fixed, so TWI (and us the gamers) can have a stable game on which new material and features can be added.

Also, we are already experiencing new user generated material in the form of the new maps, and with the SDK coming even more nice things. As such I want TWI working on making the game stable and also thereby more attractive to new players.

(Sorry about the italics, something went wrong in copy pasting and it won't remove it even though I have tried several times to unchoose it in the menu).
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 16, 2011
(Sorry about the italics, something went wrong in copy pasting and it won't remove it even though I have tried several times to unchoose it in the menu).
Click the 'Switch Editor Mode' button in the far top right corner of the text editor to show formatting tags, then just delete what you don't want.

The DooD

FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 3, 2011
I hope the No Unlocks/Upgrades means I can still get a drum mag for the PPSh, without having to get it levelled up.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 17, 2011
yes, still can't post with no infraction or anything.

TWI really?

really great piece of **** dev indeed.

blowed all the budget on liscencing fee of UE3 and no money left for decent game designer so ro2 became piece of ****.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 8, 2011
One of the major reasons I purchased this game is because it advertised Co-Op, which I thought would be awesome to play with some fellow enthusiast-friends.
Considering that they said that it would be a post-launch thing well before the game was released. You might have bought it a little bit early.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 28, 2009
I need to do another post after I played with a newcomer to Red Orchestra and share his feeling, because the poll go in a clear direction, MORE REALISM.

Well, I think that the biggest problem to have a larger audience is interface. I woudn't look too hard with the team, but seems like a "paint work". In before to do a "free weekend", they should work seriously on it.

Even for realism, well, I think the most part of this depends on maps and a full functionality of tanks.

Most of the active servers has eliminate tanks. Maybe for bugs or unbalancing?I don't know, but now the game is only infantry, for this reason for many people looks like a "Call Of duty".

So I hope that you don't go in the wrong direction like movement speed, game need just few tweaks(for me, local damage along with a more punitive bendage, more sway when soldiers is tired, more suppression when you are under an MG deployed, less accuracy for MG not deployed. Sound is AWESOME, but it is impossible to hear foot step, great problem for competitive match).

But for me, if you want to have a larger audience, you must change complete the interface.

For Squad System I'd like to see my squad in tactical map for example. Now it's very good the feeling to be a part of an army but it is poor the feeling to be part of a little squad.

Good work and happy new year, game is awesome, I'm continuing to play.
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