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Crosshair Editor: Becoming the ultimate Headshot Machine


Jun 18, 2015
The devs have put the option for a crosshair in KF2, and the option is: yes or no. There is no option to customize your crosshair, you can't even choose between a static and a dynamic crosshair, the gap, size, color, thickness...

Some of you will say that there is no need for a crosshair at all, that they can headshot from 300m noscope all the time, and for those people, I say: Great for you.

But if you play Counter Strike, you know how important it is to be confortable with your cosshair, and how it can impact on your gameplay. I feel like I could land a lot more flickshots if I had a decent crosshair on the screen (the default one is awful for me, personaly).

My sugestion would be the implementation of a generator in the engine itself, with console commands (or even a options menu for it), like this: http://tools.dathost.net/#alpha=200...lpha=1/thickness=0.5/outline=0/outline_draw=0

I don't see how it could be bad for anyone to have the option. And before you say it would be overpowered, remember that in KF2, the precision of the hipshot is not the same as the aim down sights, so no problem there.

Sharpshooter is coming, and its all about them headshots ;)
Here are some montages I made as an example:



FNG / Fresh Meat
May 23, 2012
While I don't like crosshairs, I think this crosshair is a lot better than that huge thing we have in game atm.


May 10, 2015
right now when i use flashlights on guns i cant even see cosshair definitely we need that to change color (maybe is just my old PC.. who knows) FPS = crosshair, like all games from early 90" have that.. KF1 = they forgot to put that in game..

question how did u menage to change that crosshair window mode+ program?
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Active member
Mar 23, 2015
I think a crosshair is reasonable in KF2 since there are a ton of new mechanics that weren't in the last game that make it much more difficulty to get headshots. Things such as

-much more head movement in movement and attack animations
-much faster zeds (you don't have time to sit there and line up shots)
-zeds often twitch or wobble around when you shoot them so the second headshot may be more difficult to land, and that extra second killing one zed means the next one behind it is going to be right in your face by the time the other one is dead

That being said I support the idea of adding crosshair customization like in csgo. Changing all the things that Diogenes listed would be enough I'd say. Not sure why the crosshair is dynamic in the first place since running and jumping don't stop the bullets from always going to the center.


Grizzled Veteran
Jul 7, 2009
I think the crosshair should remain as-is.

It's a bit handy for the casual 'controller across the room from a tv' experience, and god knows those people need any help they can get if they want to keep up.

But for the sitting down at a monitor experience, no crosshair should be encouraged, and the current gargantuan reticule achieves that pretty well; I find it to be a distraction if I turn it on.
Look at what I think is the center of the screen. Look waaay over to the side. Okay, the side part of the reticule is indeed to the side of what I thought was the center. Look back at what I thought was the center. Look waaay up. Okay, the top part of the reticule is above what I thought was the center. What I thought was the center is the center after all. But time is dosh; I probably should have just bet that I was right in the first place.

If we had the option for a neat tidy little + right in the middle that could just be placed on heads from the hip, that would be far more useful for monitor players; greatly encouraging them to go with crosshairs, and to almost never bother with ADS again, really disrupting the classic KF experience.

That sort of aiming, with a nice tight little reticule from the hip, should be saved just for laser sight weapons.
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Oct 24, 2012
I think you just need to use the force, you know? If you have a crosshair you're kinda trying to aim really hard in the middle but if you learn it without it you will feel the force and just shoot by feeling the power of aim. The crosshair can be good at long ranges. But we don't have maps like Mountain Pass.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 3, 2010
I'm not really against it, because having a crosshair doesn't affect any of the games actual accuracy.

The current crosshair is a fair representation of your accuracy while hip firing, but I don't see any issue with being able to customize it if someone preferred it to be tighter or another color.

Personally, I never use it simply because it doesn't really add anything to the game for me, but some people need them for motion sickness or centering their aim, and they may as well have the ability to customize it.
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Active member
Jun 14, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
Hey man, the game is still in EA, there are still several features missing in game.
A dynamic crosshair system would be nice.
~ A non-crosshair user


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 4, 2015
I don't know why a crosshair is even an option, accuracy isn't that important in this game since the hitboxes seem so large to begin with. Aside from that, I think lasers should replace crosshairs :D.
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