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Character Design: Carnem


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 18, 2017
Heya i made a drawing for a character for killing floor 2. sorry if it's cringey or stupid but i felt like being creative.

I even made some backstory with it. but first his name is Carnem c:

Carnem is a clone by horzine as he was made with the DNA of Kevin Clameley's son which dna was used to create the second wave of human cloning that created the clots. before the outbreak Carnem was tested for his abilities as he was like a regular human but combat trained in weapons and contained during testing while his face is not normal with the sharp teeth. he sometimes had to go against other subjects for testing purposes somehow overcoming the tests but he became more agitated during the tests and attacked a scientist in a feral rage. as carnem contained in a small cell. As he was visited by Kevin Clameley for a short period calling him his child and the future of human evolution. in response he ignored kevin. finding his words unnerving and disgusting. seeing himself as a monster then human evolution. a few days later the outbreak began. seeing the specimens escape and killing the scientists and workers where he was contained. as he was ignored as they see him one of them still. as all of them left. a few months later. his cell was unlocked. confused as he walked out. he saw a woman named rachel clamely trying to prevent him from attacking her and succeeded saying to help her stopping her father from his evil work. he agreed with a calm yes as he picked up the gun from a dead horzine soldier and ready to fight his siblings and his creator. as the place was a killing floor now fighting the remaining specimens.