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Changing the Reload animation for Pistols ( correct procedure)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 10, 2016
What has always bothered me : Why did the Tripwire Devlopers ( and this is dating back since RO2/ RS 1) Choose to use the SLingshot slide release anitmation ( pulling it with your hand) method vs using the Slide stop to release the slide?

11:45 time


The standard method for reloading that the US army has taught since ww2 and even to present with the newer service handgun - The Beretta M9 is to use the slide release switch.

Even in modern shooting techniques, Ex military firearm instuctors stil advise using this method. ALbiet in the video below Mr vickers users modified version of the slide release instead using the thumb of his supporting hand to do it.


The powerstroke/ slingshot method is used by some current day civilian shooters and is still preference among some LEO.miltary, But the standard training procedure and arguably more professional method is using the slide release because its faster and allows the left hand to be used.

However as explained by Larry vickers for 1911 specifc pistol for releasing the slide by pulling itback for for it to be viable one needs to take out the SHoch buffer.

As someone who has shot a Gov model 1911 i can confirm that without removal of said part trying to use the slingshot method will not Result in slide coming back down.

So even if one had preference for the other reload method its dependant on Pistol Or parts In withing the pistol in question.

In all hoensty the debate of SLiderelease vs Powerstroke/slingshot didnt become a thing until handguns like GLocks and some other modern polymerwith less than ideal slide release. Especially considering the ERA in the game this reload procedure is unusual for 1911 especially but all handguns in general.

In my opinion the devs should have done a different animation process to represent the slide lock release reload method via Animation of the reload procedure

Poonani Crush

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 14, 2018
This seems like such a minute detail that I really don't see it getting changed. The animations are already there, they work, and they aren't so incorrect that they need to be totally redone.

I don't want to sound like a gun-snob, but you having shot a 1911 (once?) doesn't lend you much credibility.
I've had a couple 1911s and I don't want to brag about it, but the slide release can be hard to reach and I never use it. I always rack the slide and it always works. The slide releases do also get worn down since it is just a notch that holds it so its another reason not to use it too much.

TL;DR its not worth changing and don't let it bother you.