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C4 Weapon Select Position


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 12, 2013
Being at the top of equipment is bad for C4, as that messes with the muscle memory you have for selecting the Healer and Welder, which are absolutely crucial to gameplay.

I do like it being in equipment, however - I feel that it would be best with lowest priority, always sorting underneath Healer and Welder on the equipment menu. That would mean muscle memory would always be consistent for selecting Healer, Welder, AND C4, which would be ideal for these weapons which you need to swap to quickly and consistently.

Thanks for the update! I'm enjoying the beta.


Grizzled Veteran
Jul 7, 2009
Yeah, as-is, it interferes with the familiar 4+MB1 to syringe a teammate in a hurry. Lower priority might make it a good fit to the equipment slot.
It's good that it left the secondary slot, which got awfully crowded if you wanted C4+HX25+Medpistol+9mm.
The original slot for it, primary, was fine with me.
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