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Are you Atlanta Area (Georgia) based? Know how to stream/use video equipment? Want to work for Tripwire?

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Oct 10, 2005
Hello everyone!

The reason I am reaching out today is we are looking for some help to bring our video room back online. The end goal here is to help our games audience be able to find out more about the Tripwire games they are most interested in video form (to complement the written posts we have always done). Starting as a per gig (paid) position with room to grow and advance.

To give you a little background of what I'm hoping to accomplish here, we have a video/stream room (currently not fully set up) and want to start making use of it again. Overall I'm looking for more pre-canned video at the start ramping up the amount as we go along in the form of:

  • Tripwire Interactive Community Report (TICR) video's going over all the latest news from our first and third party titles
  • Developer interviews
  • Upcoming game content test captures and cut together for both the written news and the TICR
  • And the odd stream with the community team members
  • Potentially join the team at conventions to record content (and possibly broadcast from site either live or canned)
The biggest challenge I'm facing is time and personnel to make any of the above happen. The skill sets I'm looking for here to help me out (starting as a gig to gig, to part time to full time as we start creating content and get approval to do more) are:

  • Self motivated and able to work alone much of the time once direction has been decided on/given
  • Ability to work in front of the camera (as a host) being knowledgeable about our titles as well as personable when interacting with the audience
    • As the host you will be representing Tripwire, not yourself or a personal brand
  • Ability to work behind the camera (possibly learning new skill sets quickly) to run our video capture computer for either pre-recorded or live streams when needed.
    • Software we currently use: Vmix, OBS, Youtube, Twitch, Steam Streaming, Adobe Premier, VEGAS
    • Hardware we currently use: 1 host laptop, 1 video computer to accept all inputs, 2 4k Sony video cameras, 2 LAV mics, 1 camera mic
If you think you might be the right person to help me out with this (or even if you are not, perhaps you know someone) please let me know and we can arrange an interview and take this talk to the next steps. You can PM me here at the forums. Please use the subject “Streaming Position” to make sure I find it fast.
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