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A thought on calling in Rockets


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 22, 2011
I know that most people are of the mindset that one should never call a rocket strike. Usually, I completely agree. The cooldown time and lack of an ongoing barrage make this a generally ****ty call. I have found one instance where a rocket strike is just what the doctor ordered.

First, there needs to be one key condition: It has to be the last possible strike. IE, if the match has 2 mins or less in it, then rockets are a possible fair game. You should never subject yourself to the cooldown time if another strike is possible

Second, you have to use it in tandem with recon. Rockets are a single strike call, so you cant just put it down where you are pretty sure the other team is going to be. You have to see them.

Third, only call it if you see a lot of red dots on your map concentrated in the same area.

Fourth, only do it if you have a mic and constantly let everyone on your team know what is about to come down. Not everyone will listen, but a bad call will have you back on the server browser long before you know how the strike went down. It is just courteous.

If all these conditions are met, a rocket strike can be absolutely wonderful. I ended one memorable match with a strike that took out 22 guys on the other team. To clarify, in a full server, only ten players were not hit by that strike. I think I only hit a single member of my team. It is a pretty damn fun way to end the match.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 6, 2007
Redwood City, CA, USA
Very true, that is the proper scenario for a rocket strike.

I'd say it's also important to announce to the team that it is a single salvo, large caliber artillery, so stay clear of the strike zone until the single salvo is over, then charge in! Following up a rocket/naval strike with a rapid advance is (IMO) absolutely mandatory.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2013
Another situation I like is for example when attacking Red October Factory and trying to get C. You use 4 smokes so people can get near cap zone and then usually if I feel that we are enough to take it I call rockets in the middle of C ( usually the mark is on the place where you walk up the stairs as defender ) and it almost always wipes the whole team almost and we then get it and stars capping and gaining position.

Have done this a bunch of times but it only works if you communicate your plan and people understand it. If you have a very average team that just chugs along and mostly ignores more "complicated" strategies I just call arty in the middle and that usually does a good job as well.