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A couple of questions about Early Access...


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 17, 2009
Obviously a lot of things will be kept secret or be undecided, but just wandering about the following;

1) Will there, for Early Access, be a pack available for purchase?

2) If yes to the above, how many copies of the game will be included in said pack?

3) Will there be a "loyalty discount" for those with a copy of Killing Floor? Personally I'd be happy to pay for whack, but I'm just curious.

4) Are you aiming for a time period between Early Access and full release, or is it just a case of "when it's done, it's done".

5) Lastly, and most importantly, and the question I think you'll at 'least be willing to answer...

With the idea of an Early Access copy of Killing Floor 2 being bug fixing, balancing and general community feedback, will Tripwire also be listening to and implementing feedback based on more advanced stages of work, such as level design, ZEDs, systems (menu etc)? Or is it safe to assume that Early Access is focused purely on polishing the game and that additional functionality, features and potential edits will be looked into later on? For this question I'm just trying to gauge what type of Early Access we'll be getting ourselves into.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 5, 2011
The only answer to these questions is that for #3. Yoshiro confirmed they were *thinking* about doing a loyalty discount.