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3d voip


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 15, 2009
Does anyone with experience with the UDK know how hard it would be to mod in 3D voice chat into the game?

Or how hard it would be to get it to work with positional sound for 3rd party VOIP software like Mumble or Vent?

I think 3D voice chat would be hugely popular with realism clans and immersion freaks alike.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 12, 2011
There is a mod for HL2 called Resistance and Liberation and they managed to work it into the source engine, and if they can do that I'm sure it'll be just as easy to get it into the UDK.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 13, 2005
Sorry to bump this up, but I'm still dream about having 3D Voip. Imagine clearing a building with 3 or 4 guys talking to each other ( example: " you take the left room, I'll take the right, but toss a nade first at the count of 3 " )


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 6, 2012
The closest we can go is by using spawn on SL and teamspeak divided by squads. With "push to talk" to talk to the commander.