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killing floor 2

  1. RockMax

    KF-SirensBelch (KF1 port)

    Winter came a little bit early. Map has 20 collectibles Dosh hold areas New better textures Weldable doors Scaling is probably a bit off but holds up Wanted to release this on my birthday so, enjoy! Screenshots: Download: Sirens Belch
  2. Kyoryu

    DJ Scally's Appearance

    DJ Scully has a phrase: "I'm bald. Is that wrong?" Does that mean he's bald? Or does this phrase have a different meaning? (I don't understand English very well)
  3. xkfleurdelune

    free players gets anoyed - items won freely are boring/ stupid

    like the title say: I played 1 month, nevertheless there isn't a single item "bonus" that is good. The golden chest give nothing but boring / no usefull items. Nothing to personalize my favorite character. After recycling 40 items, in the hope to get something interesting. It was so...
  4. JoshMurday

    Summer Sideshow ticket item glitch

    I recently bought a premium summer sideshow ticket and once I redeemed it for an item I just recycled the item only for the game to give me a bunch of new summer sideshow items, after recycling everyone of those items the game gave me even more items without redeeming the tickets my inventory is...
  5. Mr_Grimm99

    Vault crates not showing up after i unlock them

    I unlocked about 5 since yesterday but nothing shows up and i restarted my xbox multiple times and nothing happens.
  6. blackwaltz7

    Friends From Other Platforms list not populating (steam)

    i connected my epic store and steam accounts and have allowed access to killing floor 2. it was working fine until about 2am last night, at this time i was disconnected from the game, but the rest of the group wasn't. they were all playing on epic, while i was using steam. when we attempted to...
  7. RockMax


    Just like you read it. Yes this is a Shrek theme map ported over by Dando and me from Unreal Engine 2, Shrek 2 game. I resized every texture to the modern standarts, ofc. I can´t just resize 64x64 textures to 1024x1024 but I tried my best :D Screenshots: Will be on holiday for a...
  8. Chumnoj

    Share progress between steam and EpicGames?

    Is it possible to share my game progress between steam and EpicGames?
  9. RockMax


    As the title says, this is a swamp map surounded by rocks and a lots of foliage, every bush in this game is dynamic so that you can see zeds bump into them and the bushes will react to that movement. Map also has full day and night cycle with dynamic fog. Some screenshots...
  10. RockMax


    This is a single map taken out of the Descent style map made by Frostbite. Link to descent map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2124143947 Download map: Workshop Link
  11. Mathias994

    Killing Floor 2 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

    I would like the next generation to get a version obviously with improvements and performance. My wish list: -120 FPS. Some say in the case of the Xbox Series X some games could reach the mentioned amount, but I am satisfied that it was in the 60 FPS with stability -Smart Delivery. Those who...
  12. P

    Killing floor 2 is already good enough,please read this and stop destroying it with useless content

    So far Killing Floor 2 has been a great game but recently it started looking a bit too overdone.I remember it being a more serious game 6 players co op shooter where ur objective is survival now its just like 6 players co op circus,so much useless stuff,skins,ridicilous outfits that u cannot...
  13. J


  14. J

    Ski mask glitch

    I jumped into an online game only to find that my ski mask was visible in first person and completely obstructing my view
  15. J

    Remove Vote Kicking

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell everyone that the vote kick system in the game gets abused, so how about removing it completely and instead have an in game timer that automatically kicks players for being idle for too long.
  16. J

    Freeze Grenade Crash

    Every so often when I play Sharpshooter I will throw a freeze grenade at a group of enemies to freeze them only for the game to crash.
  17. J

    Santa’s Workshop Abomination Glitch

    I was playing on Santa’s Workshop on Survival 10 Waves on Hard we did the map normally with no issues but once we got to the boss we killed him but I noticed that I didn’t get any XP for the kill I then looked at the team rewards screen and saw that nobody got the kill on the boss.
  18. RockMax

    KF - Black Mesa - Gonarch'sLair

    Port of a map from Black Mesa game, remake of Half Life 1 Screenshots: Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2040475472 Known Issues: Sound is too loud, I will fix it once I will have some time on my hands
  19. skymonsterkf2

    People cant join the server only I can

    Hello and kind regards, its my first time making a kf 2 server so i might have made mistakes so as of now my server is fully working BUT just for me i can join it play on it and i can open the webadmin change map,deffcuilty,ect BUT my friends cant join me i see my server on server list under...
  20. Ic3peak

    Support for 21:9 Aspect ratio

    I would love if Killing Floor 2 would support 21:9, will this be a thing in the future?