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  1. forrestmark9

    [Code] Base Music Replacement System

    A basic system for replacing and overriding music within KF2. I do not know if this is fully compilable because the workshop upload tool is now broken and I'm too lazy to setup everything to run via KFEditor Make but I did leave comments for most everything. BaseMusicGRI.uc class BaseMusicGRI...
  2. forrestmark9

    General coding help thread

    Since I have nothing else to do with my life I'm deciding to start a thread for people to post code issues in. I'll do my best to help out but anyone else can also join in. The only rule is that code is required and it needs to be inside [code] tags.
  3. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] Music Loader

    Description This is a rather basic mutator that allows you to replace and add your own wave and trader music to the game. Install Subscribe to this item Restart KF2 Either add ?Mutator=MusicLoader.MusicLoader or type Open KF-BioticsLab?Mutator=MusicLoader.MusicLoader Config A default...
  4. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] Infernal Nightmare Difficulty

    Description A difficulty mod that adds a whole new difficulty level to KF2 called Infernal Nightmare. Changes from HOE ZEDs spawn much faster ZEDs move faster, have more health, do more damage Alpha ZEDs can catch you on fire Fleshpound now has a rage explosion and King FP moves Fleshpound...
  5. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] Server Extension Addons

    This is a mod of Server Extension by Marco found here https://forums.tripwireinteractive.c...-extension-mod Marco has stopped updating his KF2 stuff so I ask for permission to post a modded and updated ServerExt and he allowed it, so here we are. Pictures: Changelog: Download...
  6. forrestmark9

    Something for HOE players

    A difficulty mod I've been working on that adds a difficulty above HOE called Infernal Nightmare
  7. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] Versus Extension

    A simple extension mod for Versus mode that adds a few extra versus ZEDs Includes: Hans Volter King Fleshpound Quarter Pounder Gorefiend (Unused) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znanstgply...tension.u?dl=0 Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...?id=1157786625 Install: Subscribe...
  8. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] KF1 Style Scoreboard

    A classic styled scoreboard made to look as close to the KF1 version as possible. This mutator also includes a config to enable KF1 style player info bars. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hc60oiwxie...board.zip?dl=0 Install: Subscribe to this item Either add...
  9. forrestmark9

    Bugsplat when version mismatching

    Category: Other Reproducibility: Always Summary: If you get a version mismatch then your KF2 will crash. Description: If you try to join any kind of server that would end up with you getting a version mismatch your KF2 will crash Here is the crash dumb I get from it...
  10. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] Server Crash Recover

    A simple port of the same mod from KF1 done by Marco. A quick run down of what this does is it saves the map the server was on and will return to said map if the server were to crash or shutdown. Install instructions: Extract the .rar to your KFGame directly in the server Add...
  11. forrestmark9

    SoundCues are broken

    Category: Sound Reproducibility: Always Summary: SoundCues are broken and will play sounds at full volume and only from the left speaker. Description: Marco alerted me of this when I asked a few questions, it appears that SoundCues have become broken some updates ago and it's incredibly annoying...
  12. forrestmark9

    Question for TWI

    AddTransactionAmmo in KFAutoPurchaseHelper, why in the world is this function private? You basically made it impossible for custom trader menus that override AddWeaponToOwnedItemList to function properly with dual and single weapons ammo wise. I know exactly what this function does but it makes...
  13. forrestmark9

    Flash GUI hud resources

    Yes as the title says this download will contain the resources for the flash GUI HUD such as the hud and scoreboard This pack contains: All Texture2Ds for the hud and scoreboard Flash FLA files ActionScript sources Undecompiled .gfx These are purely for resources and the .fla files can NOT be...
  14. forrestmark9


    Is this the new demo weapon TWI was talking about? Because I found mentions of it in the CheatManager here simulated exec function Assault() { GiveWeapon( "KFGameContent.KFWeap_AssaultRifle_Bullpup" ); GiveWeapon( "KFGameContent.KFWeap_AssaultRifle_AR15" ); GiveWeapon(...
  15. forrestmark9

    Should TWI add this mod officially?

    Since people have been bugging me non-stop to ask them to add my mod officially I asked Wilsonam about it and he told me to start something on the forums so here we are The mod in question: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=679113913 Non-members can vote here...
  16. forrestmark9

    KFEditor Crash

    KFEditor will crash when I try to brew a package for upload to the steam workshop, it will do this no matter what as long as I use the commandlet brewcontent I do not have Steam installed in a non-default location so this crash is completely unknown best logs I can provide Log: Executing...
  17. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] Boss Only

    Basically a mutator that spawns you with max armor, grenades and your perks best weapons, then starts the boss wave. This works in both Survival and Versus Install: Put OnlyBossMut.u in KFGame/BrewedPC Open PCServer-KFEngine.ini Look for [Engine.GameEngine] Add...
  18. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] FP Legs + Backpack Weapons

    This is essentially a port of my code from KF1 to work with KF2, but for those wondering, this will add First-Person legs if enabled and Backpack weapons if enabled. Instructions: Put FirstPersonBackPackMut.u in KFGame/BrewedPC Put KFFirstP_BackPack.ini where your config files are stored Add...
  19. forrestmark9

    [Mutator] Kill Messages

    Original mutator by Marco Does almost the exact same as what Marcos mutator did Issues: Forced to use a gametype cause TWI or someone made it so that any muts spawned are automatically destroyed Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4fe05y9v99k9gc4/KF2KillMessages.rar?dl=0 Install: Put...
  20. forrestmark9

    Mutator requests

    Since I have a majorty of nothing to do, I'll be taking mutator request for those who want to see popular muts ported to KF2 Note: I may be unable to do some as a weird extension issue causes certain classes to null out with assets such as meshes and textures