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  1. dextronaut

    Ive been away

    Ive been away for a long time, but im finally coming back. See you on the battlefield BSWearer: I'll be playing as the Russians most likely so when you hear a 7.62x54r youll know who it is. See you on the battlefield. <3 ya zipps.
  2. dextronaut

    [Game] Anyone here play Magic?

    Who else on these forums plays MTG? Care to share your deck? Any cards you want to mention? this card makes every game become one big stalemate while you either work on getting a Consume Spirit, Corrupt, or Tendrils of Corruption have no creatures but the opponent does? this ones good for...
  3. dextronaut

    Windows 7/KF SDK/LAGGGG

    I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64bit. Now when i use the SDK there is extreme lag when working on maps, especially when selecting different nodes/actors/meshes. Anyone have similiar troubles or solutions?
  4. dextronaut

    hey bros

    HEY BROS. OHKHAY - you got a big one? BIG TIME LOWDOWN? HUH? Surrender bros... before its too late (for real) .... SEVERAL if not MORE days pass each day AND EACH TIME the same things happens time and time again. So what do you do? Huh? 2 missions today: 1 - Bake cake 2 - Family...
  5. dextronaut

    [Game] Arma 2: Oa/bar

    Just bought the expansion and the DLC, the game is still unpolished but its very ambitious so i forgive it. The weapons are some of the weakest sounding ive ever come across in a FPS. dont tell me this is a real simulator - ive fired guns before, the guns in ARMA's expansion/dlc sound like...
  6. dextronaut

    Maps on the way...

    Planning to release some 1.0 styled maps ive done but havn't had the time to release. I'll be posting them on this thread, they wont be whitelisted. Stay saucy.
  7. dextronaut


    this map is whitelisted, download here: http://www.filefront.com/16600041/KF-2008Manor.rar this is a direct port of Manor from 2008 (2.5 kf mod). this is how it looked BEFORE being ported to KF retail. the layout is somewhat similiar, but the overall look and atmosphere is very different. all...
  8. dextronaut


    this map is whitelisted, download here: http://www.filefront.com/16600015/KF-2008BioticsLab.rar this map is a direct port from KF mod 2.5 (2008). bugs have been fixed, spawns have been fixed: the map is much more difficult than retail BioticsLab. also, holdout areas have been balanced for a...
  9. dextronaut


    DOWNLOAD: http://www.filefront.com/16518265/KF-Cassis.rar THIS MAP IS WHITELISTEEEEDDD!! I started on this map a while back, well, actually a long while back, before Hateme started his Lights Out maps. but also, he had no idea of this map, so neither of us copied each other. this map has very...
  10. dextronaut

    Steam selling Strategy Guides

    i havnt seen any topics about this on here lately, but anyways - recently Steam has started to stock online strategy guides: as you can see, they are on sale right now for 9$, after the discount ends its $19. so what im wondering is - who is actually going to buy these when they can use...
  11. dextronaut

    bring back machinepistol?

    any way that someone can re-add the machine pistol (automatic beretta) to KF? like just take the current model/animation, and have it fire automatic? also, be able to buy it at trader and buy ammo for it??
  12. dextronaut


    LINKS UPDATED TO THE VERSION THAT WILL BE ON THE WHITELIST: http://www.filefront.com/16567989/KF-GraveHeartV1.rar Map by MYLES LAMBERT, same fellow who brought you maps such as KF-PacMan, and KF-Net! Graveheart is an older map from KF mod that i (dex) ported and fixed up. its got a really...
  13. dextronaut

    Will HoS have Advertisements?

    Seeing as how KF's advertisements have helped TWI so much, will HoS have advertisements also since it doesnt hurt the game? That would be awesome because that would allow even more addons to HoS in the future.
  14. dextronaut

    2005 map pack!

    FINALLY WHITELISTED! dex2005maps.rar contains the following: KF-2005WestLondon.rom KF-2005SewersV2.rom - update of kf-sewersV1 KF-2005Offices.rom KF-2005Bioticslab.rom KF-2005Manor.rom KF-WretchedV1.rom - update of kf-wretched KF-SmellyCave.rom KF-WickedCity.rom download link...
  15. dextronaut

    How Long Until...

    how long until someone ports Danzig to HoS when its released? if you can think up anymore how long until's, youll get lots of cookies from my cookie jar.
  16. dextronaut

    Remember that KF shirt?

    looking at the shirt, i recognize every weapon on it except for the pistol, is it a new upcoming weapon for KF? is the shirt a bootleg? was it just a mistake?
  17. dextronaut


    http://www.filefront.com/15914395/KF-GraveHeartBeta1.rar Map by MYLES LAMBERT, same fellow who brought you maps such as KF-PacMan, and KF-Net! Graveheart is an older map from KF mod that i (dex) ported and fixed up. its got a really basic, open layout. i kicked up the spawn rate on this map...
  18. dextronaut

    im back blouses

    im back from siberia, i passed my time by napping, oops i mean mapping, soon ill have some stuff for you guys to put on your servers: KF-Graveheart - i ported this old map from the mod by Myles Lambert. this map has a open marshland, facing it is a underground tomb that works well as a hold...
  19. dextronaut

    Me No Understand...

    according to the latest news for HoS, the heroes aspect works like this: -you start off as a cleanshaven, uniformed soldier. -your gun will be of less quality while you are still new. FLASHFORWARD! -you are now a hero, cut up, bruises, rough looking, torn up uniform. -you now have access to...
  20. dextronaut

    the limits of the mylevel package

    Hello good people. im just about done with my port of KF-Grudge, Kybens best map ever. better than Tao, better than Crash, better than well, better than anything. KF-Grudge is ALOT of UT2004 content: static meshes, textures, etc. ive saved all of this to mylevel. the mapsize is: 60mb i can...